5 Tips to Make People Fall Head Over Heels for Your Slides

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and to be loved.
– George Sand, novelist (1804-1876, France)

This quote holds true for our professional life as well. We find happiness and success when our boss, team, and customers love our work. Our work routines might change from time to time but creating and delivering presentations to communicate our ideas is here to stay.

An effective presentation can go a long way toward strengthening your professional credibility. Therefore, it is important to convey ideas in a way that inspires people to take action.

For Valentine’s Day, here are a few tips from Zoho Show to woo your audience.

KISS (Keep It Super Simple!):
When it comes to content for slides, it is always good to keep it minimal. You don’t want your audience reading your slides while you are up there presenting. First, think about the main message of the presentation and structure your slides accordingly. Make sure each slide contains a few key points that can be read quickly, so your audience can pay attention while you talk.

Tell a story:
A good way to retain your audience’s attention is to convey your ideas through a story. Introduce a villain (your challenge), a hero (your solution or idea), and supporting characters (like stats that support your idea). Add surprise elements (video clips), add some action (animation), and end on a happy note (like an action item).

Spice up your slides and bring a smile:
Humor is a great way to build good rapport with your audience, and so is livening up your slides with photos. Some pictures work well as metaphors for your subject, while others can directly illustrate what you’re talking about in a clear and convincing.

Keep your notes handy:
Slide notes are meant to be private. Zoho Show’s “Presenter View” allows you to project your presentation on an external screen, while still allowing you to see your notes on your home screen.

Spark interest:
Keeping your audience passive can rob your presentation of a lively discussion, so build interaction by engaging with your audience in a novel way. Convert smartphones from a source of distraction to a medium of engagement. Invite your audience to answer instant polls, pose questions, ‘like’ slides, and much more with Zoho ShowTime.

So this romantic season, your presentations can play Cupid to make your audience fall in love with you and your work. Business presentations no longer need to be boring sessions held in dreary rooms. Make your slides do the talking for you and hitch your ride to corporate success.

Happy presenting!


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