Artificial Intelligence in the world of spreadsheets

Artificial Intelligence is an integral part of the new Zoho Office Suite, explicitly adding more value to each product. In Zoho Sheet, where numerical data takes the center stage, we’re happy to introduce AI as a part of the new Sheet 5. This helps you in two ways—first, to clean up your data, and second to provide you with the complete picture of your data along with recommendations and answers to your questions.

AI in spreadsheets

Why cleaning your data is vital.

When you’re working with huge data sets from multiple sources, it’s highly possible for them to contain duplicate records, multiple representations of the same value, or even missing values. Leaving this data unchecked may lead to inaccuracies and errors when extracting results. None of us wants to make a wrong business decision based on these incorrect conclusions, do we?


How Zoho Sheet can help you.

Tackling this problem head on, Zoho Sheet brings to you the very first built-in smart data cleaning tool in a spreadsheet application. It helps you detect, consolidate, and clean up your data in seconds. This tool highlights inconsistencies in capitalization, spacing, and characters, duplicate rows in a given table of data, and those cells that are missing values in them.

Find data inconsistencies in spreadsheets

This data cleaning feature allows you to save hours spent on manually cleaning up data. Generate accurate results and work efficiently.


Taking data analysis a step ahead.

Now that you have clean data sets, Zoho Sheet helps you with the analysis as well. How? With Zia—the AI-powered analytic assistant from Zoho. With just a single click, she gives you a complete summary of your data, including charts, pivot tables, and insights. Got questions about your data? Just ask Zia and get answers in an instant.

Artificial intelligence in Zoho Sheet

Zia also allows you to pick those parameters from your data that you would like to analyze. For example, if you wish to see how well Binders have been doing in the West region, you can just filter out the columns and view the complete analysis based only on the chosen data.


More power to you, on the go!

Zia on Zoho Sheet mobile app

More businesses are now going mobile with people preferring to work on the go. And that is exactly why we’ve brought Zia to your smartphones, too! She works just as well as in the web application, but with one more advantage…you get to use voice query on mobile, so, you can ask your questions out loud in English and Zia will instantly give you the answers for them.


Our Zia and data cleaning tools are going to get smarter and stronger in the days to come, so watch this space for more. Apart from this, we’ve also added a lot more to Zoho Sheet—learn more.


This announcement is part of the #FutureOffice series that talks about the latest updates to the Zoho Office Suite. Read the complete announcement here.


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