Planned maintenance of our US Data Center

Dear customers,

As a part of our annual infrastructure maintenance, we will be upgrading our US data center infrastructure from September 3rd 2016 to September 10th 2016. While we carry out this upgrade, all Zoho services will continue to be operational.

We do not expect any major interruption and you should be able to continue using all Zoho services during this upgrade. We will post an update to this blog once the data center maintenance is complete. Meanwhile, in case you do experience any issues, please feel free to tweet us @zohocares or email us on

Thank you for your patience.

Update: Sep 2nd, 2016:

If you have whitelisted our Zoho IP address, please include the following IP address also to the list.

Update: Sep 14th, 2016:

We have completed our annual Planned Data Center Maintenance between Sep 3rd to 10th, 2016. The primary goal of this maintenance operation was to test our new Data Center facility located in North America. The new Data Center has upgraded WAN links, better and powerful application and storage servers with sufficient head room for future growth.

During this maintenance period, we were serving all our apps from our new Data Center. We had several internal dry-runs before switching to the new Data Center to ensure there are no major service disruptions during the switch or while serving the applications from the new Data Center.

Now that we have successfully tested switching our services to the new Data Center and completed the maintenance, we have switched back to our primary data center and all our applications are currently being served from there. We will start using the new Data Center, on a sustained basis, from this year end.

We would like to thank you all for your cooperation and we wouldn't have been so successful without your support!


285 Replies to Planned maintenance of our US Data Center

  1. No comment but urgently need email fixed been out since Wednesday, now I have been trying now for 6 months to contact my website administrator and it appears he has no further interest in working for anyone anymore, I would like ZOHO to continue with our site and our email and from now on everything and the account goes thru you from now on.

    1. @Nishit,Sorry for the delay. We have checked your account and sent a mail with complete details about how to avoid the mails getting into the spam box. Please check it and get back to us for any clarifications.

    2. @Nishit, Sorry for the delay. We have checked your account and sent a mail with complete details. Please check it and get back to us for any clarifications.

  2. Hey - sharing this information to customers via email would have been nice. Your support team is also unaware of these new IP addresses - even when directly asked

  3. Strange things happen with zoho Recruit: If a new candidate fill the email field with an email previously filled by someone else in the application form, instead of creating a new record or notify that the email is already took, all the previously filled information are changed by the new record !! I've tried to contact support but even the support form is out of order... very disapointed :(

  4. I've returned to Zoho this year, after a three-year absence with several years prior to that and then getting frustrated at me lack of development at the time. I was incredibly surprised at the remarkable improvements that had been made in the last 3 years and continue to be surprised. The significant and very noticeable effort has gone into improving just about every facet of the platform I just wanted to note, buys you a lot of Equity on my patience list. By that I mean you have a lot of margin to make mistakes or not be perfect. You earned that through all the hard work in making this a great product. My only request if I had one would be PLEASE, if you do not already please make the effort and spend the money to invest in SSD drives for your U.S. infrastructure. The reduced latency and increased response speed on the customers screen simply just in executing any and every thing since this is an entirely cloud-based platform is monumentally better when using SSD's. 2 second lag between clicking something and it happening goes down to maybe a half a second lag and when that happens all day long when you're using something like this CRM all day is an incredibly appreciated benefit. I use traffic planet web hosting just for the simple reason that they are on SSD and when I'm working with WordPress that second and a half each time I click something is a big big difference.

  5. Hi Peter; I am new to ZoHo and would like to know if you have any training Tutorials, Webinars, or anything else? Thank you for the update.

  6. Good morning, Thank you for the advice. When I try to add the IP address into Cloud Frare's whitelist it says "An IPv4 range (CIDR) must be a /16 or /24". It means that the IP address is IPv6? However I was able to add the IP address. Thank you very much!

  7. Hi I am trying to import a contact list in Campaigns - done this regularly but it will not import. No error, no warning, just fails. Please advise if this is as a result of the maintenance and when this function will be back online.

  8. Hi Peter, I seem to be having a problem, navigating the new zoho. Can’t find lead page, or existing contact page. Where could I find settings? I there anybody who could help me?

  9. Hi, I seem to be having a problem, navigating the new zoho. Can’t find lead page, or existing contact page etc. Where are settings? Where is the standard view? Could anybody to help me?

  10. Following up from my last comment to you. You can not notify me of follow-up comments by email, as the email doesn't work ? "The Server could not be connected. Check whether the Server is available to connect in the given name and port number" ? Thank you.

  11. We got this message "The Server could not be connected. Check whether the Server is available to connect in the given name and port number." for the last 24hrs and we had CRM down for four days last week, 25-29th Aug. 2016, why couldn't sort out the maintenance then or is this part of the Zoho change over ?

  12. I love you guys. Good luck with the maintenance, and thank you SO MUCH for posting stuff like this. I mean, it's just so nice to be thought of. Unlike some asshats, who run gmail, who never tell you anything; meanwhile, people are mad at you because you didn't get their e-mail, because gmail had been, I dunno, having problems? Picking their noses? Who knows. Anyways, you guys rawk!

  13. I have the same problem with ios app not showing any notification! my mail is a bussiness one so I need to be instantly alert on new mails to my main inbox and to my 3 group email inboxes. Also one of my group addresses does not show up as an address from which i can send mail on the ios app.

  14. Trying to reach customer support, neither anyone is coming on line nor calling us back. After paying for services, Such behaviour from you was never expected. I am stuck and nothing is active on my account.

    1. @Chirag, I sincerely apologize for the delay in answering your call. I see that you had a discussion with one of our Recruit product support engineers yesterday. If you still have questions, please let me know and I'll have someone call you asap.

  15. Is there a way to remove the banner for the upgrade notification? I have to click it each time I try to make any additions to Zoho so that my headers will appear. Thanks much!

  16. Hi Peter, I seem to be having a problem, navigating the new zoho. Can't find lead page, or existing contact page. Is there a number I can call or someone to help.

    1. @Pino, hope Manuel called you yesterday and answered your questions. Please feel free to call us for any further assistance.

    1. @Nilesh, I did take a look at the support tickets and there are no pending requests. However, I'll ask Maha to give you a call to see if there are any pending issues, apart from the feature requests you have raised.

    1. Yes, you can do it by clicking on the "Search" icon in the search box at the top and choose "To/Cc" from the list of options to search based on recipients email id

  17. I raised a customer support query regarding SMTP connection through your support page. I got a reply from a customer executive Balakumaran C after 15 days and then not even a single reply. I am not at all satisfied with your customer support services.

  18. thanks, you guys rock! I like my zoho account much more than my gmail Account. Besides, the mobile app is INCREDIBLE. Keep up the great work! Regards from Argentina

  19. maybe i'm just getting used to changes, but i thought before changes zoho was more user friendly. now i'm not so sure. "if it's not broke, don't fix it".

  20. You do not have enough support engineers in the UAE Dubai. She has set up many appointments that were missed and we are seriously considering stopping our subscription because of your customer support. We rely on the zoho email to send out email inquiries and lot of our emails end up in the junk mail of vendors.

    1. @Ali Bitar, sorry for the bad customer experience you had with our local partner. I'll have one of our support engineers contact you and take this forward.

    2. I have been experiencing the same problems. Very high number of emails end up in junk and reach is extremely low. Contacted the support many times with no success... quite disappointing.

  21. Is the chat service available 24 hours or only during office hours in USA? Trying to resolve some issues however the response is a bit intermittent also can do person interface with our page to see where the problem is? I was asked for screen shot of the problem if they can see what I am looking at this should not be necessary. Heather

    1. @Heather, we operates 24x5 in all channels (e-mail, phone & chat). I'll have one of my support engineers contact you asap.

  22. just signed up for 15 day free trial. did not even have the chance to enter my profile, look at a single area, or add my project partner before sign came up showing link to this announcement. given in is now august 27th, i am disappointed, especially if this is indeed to continue through september 10th. while i appreciate your efforts in improving your services, this has been a brief and extremely limited interaction. if you are not planning and keeping users from services from now through september 10th, could you kindly link to a more accurate notice about expected delays due to site maintenance? thank you. sincerely,

    1. From our experience working with ZOHO, no major interruptions / issues occur during maintenance (especially on a trial account where you don't yet have a lot of data) You can also ask from an extension of the trial period, they usually grant it ;)

    2. @Sarah, As we posted, we don't expect any service interruption during this period and it is all planned. You can continue to use our services during this time. We will write a detailed post on the DC upgrade after maintenance.

  23. @raj regarding off-line... try the Z mobile apps, which pull data down to your local device and you can access/update information... when you get back on-line, updates sync automatically back to your cloud system... such a beautiful set of Apps!

  24. In the UK - Just started using your service - it's great, so much easier to adapt for our taxes and items, than other online invoicing I have researched- will certainly recommend .

    1. If you want something resembling the full panoply of a Zoho, you'll need to set up your own email, file, print, and application server. That's a huge commitment, one fraught with all sorts of problems, as you can see from Hillary Clinton's well-deserved troubles. There are some Linux distributions which include everything, but the hardware, administration, and operations requirements aren't worth the trouble. Except for educational purposes, or for a mid-size or large business.

    2. Yes... download the Zoho Mobile App and your data is sync'd down to your device... so you can access all your data offline. When you get back into an on-line environment, data changes sync to your cloud system automatically... it's a beautiful thing!

    1. In fairness, I got it as an alert on the Zoho page I was on, so people actively using the service are probably covered. However, I might have missed an update in email because of Google's occasional decision that a piece of mail is not so important... An approach of doing it both ways isn't a horrible idea, though.

  25. i Cant send email why? Unable to connect SMTP Reason:Authentication failed:554 5.1.8 Sender Address Blocked

  26. Wow, this is very nice you gave a heads up in case anything is noticed. I hope the best for you and that you don't have many false alarms.

  27. You guys rock. I know how hard it is to maintain what you are doing, and I am really happy with both the service and the product. Though you might like to know this, I have a customer on your system who is incredibly computer phobic. Some how he succeded in swapping to your new version by mistake. Panic, panic, panic, he was on a business trip in Aust. from NZ. I emailed him how to get back to the old version, then the next day he said, not thanks I like the new one. So you guys must be doing some thing right.

  28. For some reason the app on my iphone will not notify me when I receive a new email. Is that something that will fixed or configuration problem? La app del celular no me indica en la cantidad de mensajes que estan aun pendientes de apertura y lectura.

  29. Thank you for the information, We hope that all can get better and better. Wish all the best. Arminstrongue Huambo Gestor de Projectos e infra-estruturas Tecnologicas. CBS - Central Business Solutions Segurança, Mobilidade, Gestão e Serviços Tel:+244923488347 | 922867116 | 914618485 | 222036469 @: | cbs@cbsangola.comAv. Talatona - Travessa nº. 1 - Edificio 136-3A-nº4 url: | Porque que não Tenta Algumas das nossas aplicaões mais Populares ? Zoho CRM | Zoho Support | Zoho Analytics | Zoho Campaigns

  30. Hello Peter Thank you very much for the update. Just wanted to notice that it is VERY crucial to have the CRM and systems around up and running since you cannot even imagine how many business processes are relying on Zoho's uptime :)

  31. the 2016 version is not working as the previous version. All of the email addresses that I used previously are not " remembered" in the new version.... the same thing occurs on the subject line. I have reverted back to 2015. Each time I write an email in zoho I dont want to have to re type an address. Dennis a zoho cares rep asked me for a screen shot but that does not tell the story-----

    1. @Barbara, I have asked our product team to look at the issue in priority and you should hear from us shortly. Thanks for your patience.

  32. Thanks for this. Is there anything in this maintenance window that will fix the issue that we can not log into apps (specifically social) with .rocks domains? still does not work on any apps as a valid domain.

  33. Peter i´v been waiting for about 2 hours to restore my mailbox... "Planned maintenance of our US Data Center" how long it will take to restore?

    1. @Hegel, maintenance is planned on Sep 3rd. I have escalated the reported issue to our team and you should hear back from them shortly.

  34. Thank you for informing Peter, i just need help with one thing and it is quite urgent, i bought my domain in Zoho and it is working perfect, i just want my email from Zoho to start working but where in Zoho can i do that to fix the mx tools for Please send me a step by step, i have not gotten any answers yet. Thanks

  35. Thank you So Much Just got to the office - I notice from the mobile version I could not do what I needed to do. In the upgrade making my edition more real estate investor friendly

  36. thanks for the heads up although I am having a bit of lagging issues which may or not be my end, but has only started happening over the last couple of days.

  37. Thank you for the notification! Like others who use your product, I couldn't imagine how I'd get along without you guys! Thanks again!

  38. Ok. Thank you for the heads up about your planned Maintenance of your Data Center activities. Last week, I notice a few things were happening in regards Saving the notes. I Was having problems regularly.So I hope you guys complete the process Hopelly the small glitches get taken care of and fix ASP..

  39. Thanks for continuing to update and improve ZOHO CRM. I've worked with many other CRM applications, and ZOHO is by far the best. Dick Gray, Director of Advertising, Triad City Beat

  40. When we are in a contact and change the company that they are affiliated, it does not update the company information - only changes the company name in the contact record. Will a feature be added in the new integration so that the company information is automatically updated to reflect the new company selected if the company changes for a contact?

    1. @Sandy, it is our assumption that company is primary and contact can move from one company to another. It is better not to change the company information as there could be other contacts associated with it. Create a new company name and move the existing contact to the new company.

  41. Thanks for the notice! I had a jaw-drop moment as I was scanning the first paragraph. I immediately started wondering how I would work around not having email or invoice for a week. But then I read the second paragraph ;) I appreciate what you guys do! Thank you for keeping things running well.

  42. Hi, we are several mail account with you and suddenly today all mails older than 24h are gone. In all our accounts….how do we find those mails again and where have they gone? Please, let me hear from you as soon as possible.

  43. Thanks for the header notification Balaji Ravi Krishna Business Development Manager Instancy Inc - eLearning Platform and Software

  44. Zoho è molto buono come prodotto, non direi lo stesso per Zoho invoice, dal quale mi aspetto un aggiornamento nel modulo fattura , che rimane irregolare in Italia!

  45. hello I want to know why the maximum of our E-mail is just 30? how can i set to increase the number one day i can send e-mail ?

    1. @Mannie, I believe your question is related to Zoho CRM. During free trial we allow to send 30 mass e-mails to test. Once you move to paid plan, the numbers would go up.

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