ZUG meets SalesIQ 2.0

zug meets salesiq

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Revisiting the ZUG Meetups 2021

With its new look and exciting features, SalesIQ hosted ZUGs for real estate and ecommerce businesses in November and December 2021, respectively. We had a great turnout, with almost 50% of our registrants actually attending from all over the world, including the U.S., UK, Canada, Malaysia, India, and New Zealand.

In the below section, let’s dive into all the meetup details with interactive presentations, lots of questions, exciting conversations, and more!

How SalesIQ adds value to ecommerce and real estate businesses

From adding live chat to your website, showing relevant suggestions to customers based on their selections, and reaching out to customers with automatic chat triggers to offering after-sale support for refunds and feedback, SalesIQ covers it all.

Let’s consider a theoretical use case we discussed in the meetup. Zylker is a real estate firm with hundreds of potential buyers visiting their website. So, how did SalesIQ help them convert these prospects into potential buyers? Zylker provided hands-on support to every prospect landing on their website with SalesIQ’s live chat feature as a first step. Further, the real estate firm also collected details about its visitors, including their names, regions, times of visit, interests, past conversations, and purchases. It was easy for Zylker to strike the proper conversation with the right visitor and close a deal based on this information. Our Zobots made these conversations much more manageable by reducing human intervention and responding to user queries without any hassle.

Another vital part of the buyer journey is attending to existing customers and helping them with their concerns. SalesIQ allows Zylker to offer seamless 24×7 customer support with live chat automation, audio calls, voice notes, screensharing, and an AI-powered resource library. With these features and integrations with other third-party services, SalesIQ has helped Zylker and many more businesses close deals faster and ensure happy customers.

Here’s what one of our customers, Couture Shop LA, shared about our 2.0 release:


Interested to know more on how you can improve your ecommerce business with chatbots? Read our blog. If you wish to try the product yourself, sign up for a 15-day free trial or get a personalized demo scheduled today.

Tip: SalesIQ also has a free live chat software with all the basic features your business needs, like upto 100 chat sessions/month, file sharing, voice note, chat history of up to 30 days, offline message support, mobile SDK, and daily live chat reports delivered to your inbox!

Winding up

We had an exciting turnout to our meetups in 2021. Many customers shared feedback about our features and asked for step-by-step assistance with executing them.

Would you like to see dedicated ZUG meetups for SalesIQ in your community? Let us know in the comments.


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