Zoho SalesIQ: The key to unlocking user engagement


What is the difference between an average user and an engaged user? Well, the former will purchase and leave, while the latter will make a purchase, keep coming back, and spread the word to others as well. That makes the effort worth it, right?

In this blog, we’ll discuss the second option and tips on how to fuel your user engagement strategies with Zoho SalesIQ. Let’s get started!

What is user engagement?

In simple words, user engagement is the personal connection that a brand creates with its customers, making them feel more meaningful to the organization and less transactional.

So, is it just the task of the customer support team to achieve this? Not really. When creating a compelling user engagement strategy, the marketing, sales, and development teams should all be involved in creating that emotional connection and making a customer go beyond the first purchase.

Why is user engagement critical?

User attention is a finite resource, especially when unlimited content is outside vying for the same user’s attention. Hence it is vital to engage them right; otherwise, they are gone.

According to the “Experience is everything: Here’s how to get it right” survey by PwC, 73% of customers say the experience created by a brand plays a critical factor in their purchasing decisions. This means user engagement or experience, when done right, will create an inflow of repeat customers, bring in referrals, and improve subscription levels.

So, how do we pull this off? Before diving into that, let’s look at some metrics to measure user engagement.

User engagement metrics to track

Let’s talk about the most common metric for user engagement—the number of active users. This can mean different things for different products. For example, in an e-file IT returns app like ClearTax, taking the count of daily active users doesn’t help, given that tax filing happens only once a year. On the other hand, the same metric for a social media app like Twitter might come in handy. Thus, it is crucial to understand your product and customer base before setting a baseline to measure user engagement.

Based on your app, other user engagement metrics you can track include new visits, time on page, conversions, etc.

 How to increase user engagement with Zoho SalesIQ?

We discussed the importance of creating and implementing an engaging experience for customers to have a healthy and sustainable business, but how do we achieve an exceptional user experience that exceeds expectations?

Let’s talk about some best practices that can easily be done using a customer engagement platform like Zoho SalesIQ.

  • Give support via live chat
    Live chat is definitely one of the best and most efficient methods to engage your customers. SalesIQ’s live chat feature helps start conversations with prospects during the most critical period of their purchase decision and gives them the assurance they are looking for.
    Tip: SalesIQ also has a free live chat version with all these features. 
  • Implement AI-powered chatbots
    Smart chatbots provide immediate assistance to users without waiting for human assistance. We make this even easier with our codeless bot builder, where all you need to do is create a flow for your chatbot using our drag-and-drop interface and type in your bot responses.
  • Offer a comprehensive onboarding experience
    What if a user faces an issue in the middle of setting up your product? Self-service articles come to the rescue, but it gets time-consuming for prospects to skim through articles for information. SalesIQ offers answer bots that use your resource library to address user concerns, reducing manual workload and the average resolution time.
  • Know your users’ needs and interests
    Understand who your visitors are—including their traffic source, geographical location, interaction with the website in real-time, number of visits to your website, and more to gauge the likelihood of a purchase. Our visitor tracking feature gives you quick insights into all your visitors segregated into hot, warm, and cold leads, along with detailed visitor information.
  • Retain human interaction with audio calls
    Although AI is driving the customer engagement scenario today, the human touch continues to rule the show. Complex queries and complicated product explanations still need to be handled by personal interactions. SalesIQ supports voice calls and screenshare within your chat window to exchange visual details and walk customers through product demos.

Increase your conversion rate today

Effective user engagement forms a personal connection with your brand and turns prospects into lifelong customers. So, get started with a customer engagement strategy for your product with Zoho SalesIQ and nurture better customer relationships.


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