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Talking to your customers should be as easy as talking to your friends, but sometimes the informal approach we’d adopt with the latter doesn’t come across well in writing. Even with all the time in the world to re-read and re-work your message, there’s always the chance what you type might come across as ambiguous or get misinterpreted. If you want to communicate with clarity and nuance, nothing beats a good old-fashioned phone call.

Zoho SalesIQ's audio call and screen share

Presenting Zoho SalesIQ’s all-new in-chat Audio Call  and screen sharing

Zoho SalesIQ is introducing audio calling and screen sharing from within your chat window, extending your business communication capabilities, facilitating high-quality, real-time conversations with your valuable customers.

Before getting into what all this new feature offers, we thought it’d be good to highlight a few reasons why having an audio chat can be one of the best ways your business can communicate effectively.

  • Making it personal: Your voice can be the most personalized human element you can use to engage your customers. Talking often adds a dimension and emotion to any conversation while reducing communication barriers and miscommunications that can cost you money, time or a consumer’s happiness at times. That personalization can foster loyalty in the long run.

  • Nuanced conversation: The subtle nuances of communication can contribute significantly to a deeper understanding. Real-time voice and screen exchanges can offer meaningful customer engagement and reduce ambiguity. Virtual communication between customers and teams can lack contextual cues and result in miscommunication and misinterpretation.

  • Psychological comfort: Holding a voice conversation with another human can put callers at ease, and make them feel cared for, as opposed to a text message. For instance, if you were a customer calling with a complaint, you would like to be treated by the person who answers the phone with civility. A voice adds this ease, openness, and honesty to your communication.

  • Convenience: The human voice is the simplest and easiest way to communicate. Even Millennial customers, who often prefer to communicate via text or email, value convenience, and what could be easier than reaching agents in a click, with no numbers to dial, no clunky phone systems sitting on your desks, or any additional dime to spend.

As you can see, there’s power in the sound of the voice. So why exactly should you add Zoho SalesIQ‘s new audio call and screen sharing feature to your customer engagement toolkit?

Let’s take a look at a few reasons:

  • Integrated communication: Communication channels are more effective if they work together in harmony rather than in isolation. This new feature allows you to wrap your engagement and communication approach around the customer’s buying journey, identifying the various stages and selecting the right communication tool for each one. Whether chat, email, a call, or a screen sharing session, choose the most relevant channel that best helps the customer move easily through the stages.

  • Works where it matters: Did you know that most visitors of your website stick around for less than 15 seconds? That’s how long you have to capture someone’s attention on your website. So you need to make the best use of your resources to capture their attention within the span. And Zoho SalesIQ gives your customers the right tools to promptly ask questions as they come up, allowing them to call you right from your website. Engaging and responding to these visitors and customers at the right time, is a great way to increase brand loyalty, get more returning visits and have a better connection with your target audience.

  • Increased Accessibility: All the benefits aside, accessibility is the most constructive attribute of this Audio call feature. The ability to make calls from anywhere, with a decent data connection is one of the biggest benefits for your business. You can make and receive calls for your business. In an increasingly mobile workforce, remote accessibility allows your business to be flexible. Mobile employees can stay productive regardless of their location. Employees don’t need to be physically present at the office. They can work, call and support customers from the SalesIQ mobile app with their smartphones and tablets from anywhere. And once in a while, when your agent is unable to answer the call, your customers or business visitors can leave a recorded voice mail for them to respond later.

 Better communication can help you nurture your relationship with your customers, and incorporating more communication tools in your business lets you do this. After all, customer retention is as important as customer acquisition!!!

Try Zoho SalesIQ’s audio call and screen share and let us know what you think!

The audio call – screen sharing feature is available in Zoho SalesIQ’s basic plan and above. 


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