Making the most out of Zoho SalesIQ

Conversational marketing is an effective way to nurture prospects into customers. However, knowing who to converse with, what content to send, and how often you interact, isn’t easy.

Website visitor tracking and engagement software like Zoho SalesIQ lets you converse and nurture potential leads among unknown visitors. We thought it might be useful to highlight some scenarios where SalesIQ could benefit your business:  

E-commerce and retail

In a world where consumers demand an immediate response, live chat is a comparatively fast way of gaining new customers. A simple welcome message trigger can lead to countless questions, and having a hybrid workflow set up for these conditions helps pave the way for more streamlined conversations. Here are a few other things you can try:

  • Recommend products based on your customers’ cart or past purchases.

  • Remind your customers to purchase their filled carts, and maybe even offer a voucher to sweeten the deal.

  • Show them the number of people buying an item, as well as other related products, to entice them to make a purchase.


Real estate companies

A customer might be on the lookout for new locations or potential new living spaces. Set a trigger that’ll activate your live chat whenever the customer has their pointer on a certain property. After it feeds them additional info, you can then proceed to ask whether they want to continue with a sales rep or check out more properties before finalizing. Here’s what you can do:

  • Locate hot properties for customers based on their preferences.

  • Give them information about top real estate locations.

  • Get them into a chat with a realtor online if they need more specialized assistance.


Banks and financial services

Banks and other financial establishments can utilize the time a customer spends on their site by setting a chat message that makes visitors want to invest more of their hard-earned money. This can include:

  • Brochures that explain the latest trends in the market, or what to invest in.

  • Sending information on household budgeting tips to help visitors make the most out of their money.

  • Sharing tips that focus on financial planning for startups and SMEs.

  • Connecting financial advisors with clients via live chat.


Healthcare facilities

When visiting a hospital’s website, a visitor could require any number of different services. Depending on what they need, you can instruct your live chat to provide links that can help set up appointments, speak with a doctor, or check lab results.

  • Live chat can be triggered if it suspects a serious issue from the patient, and reply with options that will enable them to chat with a doctor.

  • Prescriptions often change, and certain medicines might have a new, improved version. Link to information in the live chat, to keep patients updated.

  • A patient may be looking at the wrong page—set up a specialized workflow to help lead lost patients to the right page.


Effective and powerful visitor tracking helps to funnel in the right leads, and live chat will only help you to reach out better. Why not try out something that offers both


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