Announcing RouteIQ for Zoho CRM | Save Fuel and Time with our Field Mapping Solution

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In your field operations, you know firsthand how the schedule for your team is always changing. They're always on the move, visiting clients and handling a variety of tasks. Managing and organizing their activities in this fast-paced environment can be challenging, often making it hard to be productive.

A field team without a streamlined system makes their work harder; they'll be spending too much time planning and travelling, which leads to increased travel costs, fewer customer visits, and lower per-agent productivity.

This is a big problem for your field sales, service, and delivery teams, and could turn into an expensive problem over time.

We're thrilled to announce RouteIQ for Zoho CRM, a field mapping solution that's made solve this exact problem.

Let's look at how features in RouteIQ help you streamline your field operations:

Map Visualization

  • CRM Data Visualization: Visualize your prospects on an interactive map to get a geographic overview of your leads and accounts.

  • Explore: Visualize contacts from multiple modules that are located in a particular location simultaneously.

  • Color Views: Color-code your prospects based on metrics like revenue, last visit date, priority, and more to help plan your day.

  • Near Me: In case of last-minute cancellations, quickly find prospects near you to replace canceled visits.

Map Visualization

Route Planning

  • Flexible & Scheduled Routes: Create optimized routes based on your stops' timings or duration. Also, stay on schedule with stop ETAs and ETDs.

  • Route Distribution: RouteIQ optimally distributes all your field visits, jobs, and deliveries among your field team to save time and fuel.

  • Automated Route Planning: Automatically create routes every day for your daily meetings.

  • Search Along a Route: Searching along an already-planned route helps your field team find records that are on their way.

Route Planning


  • Route Progress Tracking: Visualize the progress made on your field team's routes based on their check-ins and check-outs. RouteIQ tracks their mileage and time spent info as well.

  • Visit Tracking: Get date-based visualizations of a field agent's visits with visit path tracking, detailed information, and deviations.

  • Time & Mileage Tracking: Track the distance traveled and time spent to visit the completed stops based on check-ins and check-outs performed.


Reports and Dashboards

Get a clear view into your field team's performance with metrics like route status, completed visits, travel distance, duration, deviations, and more.

Reports & Dashboards

RouteIQ on the Road

Having a robust mobile mapping solution is crucial to increasing your field team's productivity. Here are some of RouteIQ mobile specific features available in iOS and Android:

  • Navigation: Navigate to stops with your favorite navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps.

  • Check-in, Check-out, & Proof of Delivery: Log your stops' arrival and departure info (check-in/out times, dates, deviations) and capture proof of delivery.

  • Restricted Check-in/out: Allow your field agents to check in only if they're at the meeting's location.

  • Automated Check-in/out: RouteIQ notifies you or automatically checks in and out when you arrive and leave a prospect's location.

RouteIQ mobile features

RouteIQ is ready to solve your field challenges. Get started with the 14-day free trial and see how RouteIQ can be implemented for your field team.

If you have questions, please leave a comment or write to us at If you want a tailored demo for your field team's requirements, book a demo here.

Try RouteIQ for Zoho CRM today!


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