Zoho Recruit in 2021 - Year in Review

2021 is officially coming to a close. It’s been a turbulent year as organizations around the globe continued to feel the pandemic’s impact. Job creation outpaced hiring while the “Great Resignation” ushered in an unprecedented number of employee exits. Many organizations were also forced to adopt many legislative and employment developments that have caused huge workplace disruptions in a very short amount of time.

If there’s one big takeaway we can all carry forward into 2022, it’s that the future is unpredictable. We at Zoho Recruit feel that it’s paramount that we do not lose hope and instead, that we keep furthering this era of experimentation and innovation in the recruitment industry.

What we expected from 2021

Recruitment experts and influencers around the world made predictions on what technology and trends would take over in 2021. Let’s take a minute and see whether they came true or not.

#1. AI will take the HR world by storm

And it did! Everything from recruitment marketing and engagement to placement and onboarding—AI has created a new method of hiring that is streamlined, precise, and more cost-effective than traditional hiring practices.

#2. Everything will go remote

Yes again! From online interviews to virtual onboarding, working remote started as an essential move but made employers and employees realize it was a win-win scenario. Unlike past generations, where you live doesn’t affect where you work anymore. Today, new recruits can be hired, onboarded, and trained without meeting their team in person, creating a thriving online-based work culture around the globe.

#3. Skill-based hiring will overtake job-based hiring

This did not come true. Recruiters still prefer hiring candidates based on their qualifications and experience rather than taking a chance and hiring them based on their skillset. Unfortunately, the pandemic put innovations in employee skill identification and upskilling on pause, which could have ramifications in 2022.

10 lessons we learned in 2021

This year gave rise to more questions than answers, but it also shined a light on many known issues that were deeply rooted in our work culture and practices. Let’s go through the lessons 2021 taught us:

Lesson #1:Embracing best practices doesn’t cut it anymore.

Lesson #2:The recruiter-candidate relationship has become more dynamic.

Lesson #3:What companies stand for is more important than ever.

Lesson #4:One-size-fits-all answers don’t work in recruiting.

Lesson #5:Flexibility builds long term resilience.

Lesson #6:Candidates want more than just good pay (paid vacations, healthcare, etc.).

Lesson #7:Bottom-up processes bring colleagues together.

Lesson #8:Leadership needs to connect with their workforce outside of meetings.

Lesson #9:Going global isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Lesson #10:You can’t predict the future—always have a plan B.

What we can expect from 2022

#1. Hybrid workplaces will take over

Workplaces with fixed work hours and designated desks for employees will become outdated. More companies will adopt flexible work hours and the global workforce will be a combination of remote and office employees.

#2. Behavioral economics will gain more traction

As our work and personal lives are slowly becoming one, we need to establish a new system based on our natural reward systems rather than outdated ideas of human psychology and organizational design. 2022 will be the year where employers start thinking about productivity and morale in a different light.

#3. People will prefer short-term work

There is a rising trend where candidates aspire to be consultants rather than work for an organization long-term. This trend started during the pandemic and gained traction swiftly as employees around the world realized how obsolete our current work practices were.

How did our customers use Zoho Recruit in 2021?

We started the year with a promise to provide an end-to-end recruitment system that could streamline your hiring needs. After another trip around the sun, we’ve curated our system to meet new hiring demands and challenges, and we’re thrilled to hear how much our customers have loved using Zoho Recruit.

Our followers on social media 📱

Accolades in 2021 🏆

Nucleus Research is a global provider of ROI-focused technology research and advisory services. We’re excited to share that Zoho Recruit has been charted as a “Leader” in Nucleus Research’s 2021 Talent Acquisition Value Matrix.

G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential. Zoho Recruit was charted as a “Leader” in their Spring ATS Market Report.

GetApp is the premier online resource for businesses exploring software as a service (SaaS) products. Zoho Recruit was named an ATS “Category Leader” for 2021.

Software Advice is a company that provides advisory services, research, and user reviews on software applications for businesses. Zoho Recruit were named “Front Runners” in the ATS category.

SoftwareSuggest helps you discover top business software and service partners by listing, reviewing, and comparing business software and service solutions. Zoho Recruit received “Best Support”, “Best Value”, “Fastest Implementation” and overall “Best Software” in 2021.

Rendezvous we cherish 💖

It’s been a difficult year for live events, but virtual meetups and conferences helped us engage with our customers. We met with product experts, leaders, influencers, partners, analysts, and peers from the industry through virtual seminars, community meetups, conferences, Twitter, and YouTube. These interactions with Zoho Recruit users keep us exploring, understanding, and learning.

What’s on the horizon?

Looking back, 2021 has been a year of growth and innovation. At Zoho Recruit, we’re working on more features and enhancements to make your hiring process more robust and adaptable. We’re trying to help you achieve better candidate experience, expand your talent search across borders, adapt to a remote working environment, and much more.

Here’s a big shout-out to all our customers and partners! We hope every day of the new year will bring you more success, happiness, and prosperity.

Looking forward to a very happy New Year in 2022! 🥂



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