Zoho Recruit + greytHR: Streamlined for success

When it comes to a Human Resources Management System (HRMS), it’s easy to see only the costs and headaches that come with implementing a whole new system. But there are clear benefits that an HRMS can bring to your company, namely saving money and eliminating redundant HR tasks. Not to mention that integrating an HRMS with an ATS raises the standard of your organization’s HR process even further.

That’s why we at Zoho Recruit are happy to announce our latest integration with greytHR. Together, our ATS along with greytHR’s excellent HRMS can help boost the satisfaction of your people as they go from engaged candidates to happy employees. 

Here are five ways the combined solution will help your business grow.

Accelerate your hiring process  

Right now it’s a candidates’ market, and hiring for your business can be challenging. Not only must HR professionals and hiring managers create job listings, answer inquiries, and find qualified candidates, but they must also interview those candidates, process their paperwork, and oversee the entire onboarding process.

Having an HRMS and an ATS can help you create job listings faster, automate some of the onboarding paperwork, and reduce stress for you and your team. If you integrate greytHR with Zoho Recruit, the combined solution can also help you generate insightful employee analytics, source candidates, convert hires into employees, and solve hiring bottlenecks.

Retain your best employees

Retaining employees is often a matter of engagement. Engaged employees perform better because they feel like they’re a part of a team. They enjoy the work they do and want to learn more about it to improve their skills and performance. And this process starts from the very moment the employee applied for a job at your organization.

Since training and development opportunities are often ranked higher in employee satisfaction surveys than monetary benefits, allowing your employees to grow and learn with your organization is likely to keep them around for much longer.

Automate repetitive HR tasks

If you’re constantly bogged down handling repetitive tasks and routine admin work, you certainly won’t have much time to focus on more in-depth projects like improving your employees’ work environment. These deeper strategies are ultimately what will boost your employee morale and performance in the long run, so making time for them is essential.

So, what tasks can an HRMS automate?

  • Payroll. Track and automate payments, maintain records, calculate taxes and withholdings, and safely manage direct deposit information. Employees can even access their pay stubs electronically.

  • Benefits. Automatically update and track benefits such as insurance, PTO, retirement plans, and more.

greytHR offers modules to help automate these important but resource-intensive tasks. We all know that the more repetitive a job is, the easier it is to slip up – and sometimes, these small mistakes can be costly. Automating these kinds of tasks will help improve record accuracy and prevent duplicate records.

Secure employee data and maintain compliance 

With so many labor laws, regulations, and tax codes in play, it’s a struggle to keep up with everything. greytHR automatically tracks new rules, changing laws, data privacy standards, and anything else that might affect your company’s compliance. 

It is the employer’s responsibility to be sure that their employee data is protected and not misused. Avoid costly security breach issues or compliance lawsuits, and sleep better at night knowing that your HRMS will automatically account for any important updates. An HRMS also helps to protect against outside threats by encrypting the data it houses, making it inaccessible to unauthorized users.

Go paperless  

These days, many companies are going green to help reduce waste, but in some ways, they are also saving money along the way. For example, reducing the amount of paper your business uses can help cut costs on supplies. greytHR helps you go paperless by: 

  • Safely maintaining records on their servers

  • Send salaries via direct deposit instead of paper checks

Going paperless with your HRMS can also help reduce clutter in the office by eliminating bulky storage. This leaves more room for staff.

Zoho Recruit + greytHR  

Investing in the right HRMS for your business is crucial. greytHR can help your business grow by allowing you to attract and retain quality employees, reduce supply costs, free up time for more complex tasks, and improve employee performance. To see more information about the integration between greytHR and Zoho Recruit, check out Zoho Marketplace.


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