Zoho Recruit: G2's best software products of 2022 

G2 awards 2022

Zoho Recruit is committed to equipping users with the most functional tools for an ever-changing recruitment landscape. 

By addressing the pain points of our customers and applying their consistent feedback, we have grown together into hybrid work. As a testament to our service, Zoho Recruit has been listed under G2’s “Top 50 Best HR Software Products,” “Top 100 Software Products,” and “Top 50 Small Business Products” for the second year in a row.

Here’s how Zoho Recruit solves major recruitment challenges:

Reducing time and cost to hire

With Zoho Recruit, you can build a strategic, customizable hiring system. This process allows you to automate tasks, accelerate decision-making, and improve communication with stakeholders. Our source boosters can help you find and add high quality resumes to your talent pipeline.

Improving candidate engagement

One of the toughest parts of recruitment is keeping candidates interested and connected. Zoho Recruit elevates engagement from the start by simplifying the application process. Our system integrates LinkedIn Easy Apply with your company’s career page so more candidates can efficiently apply to job openings. You can also automate email communication to candidates as they move through the various stages of recruitment. Our chatbot, Zia, can even communicate directly with candidates to address their concerns.

Enhancing the quality of hire

Zoho Recruit’s Resume Parser screens and categorizes resumes without the risk of human error. With our pre-screening and assessment tools, you can shortlist the most suitable candidates for the role. Our One-Way Video Interview feature allows candidates to pre-record their answers to interview questions. You can evaluate their responses at your convenience and even re-watch the recordings to make better decisions. This feature is especially helpful when hiring remotely across time zones. We also have a live video interview option, which enables you to talk with candidates face-to-face via webcam.

Check out Zoho Recruit’s video interiew feature

Employer branding

Your company’s brand has a huge impact on whether a candidate will choose you over a competitor. Zoho Recruit helps you build a functional career site that showcases your organization’s values, culture, and mission. You can choose a template that fits your brand, customize the web address, and make it SEO friendly. Our careers site tools make it easy for candidates to apply for jobs, and it is smart phone friendly.

Learn more about Zoho Recruit’s career site feature

Continually improving the hiring process

Zoho Recruit integrates with Zoho Analytics to help you make data-driven decisions and optimize your recruitment process. With collaborative analytics, you can develop and analyze reports in conjunction with your teammates. You can also use our built-in analytics tool to access over 75 ready-to-use reports and dashboards.

Here’s how Zoho Recruit integrates with Zoho Analytics 

We do our best to make sure that Zoho Recruit’s platform is comprehensive and responsive. We consistently make improvements based on user feedback and release new features in line with recent trends.

The year has been incredibly successful, and G2’s recognition encourages us to do even better to help you hire the best candidates.


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