The Importance of ATS and Email Integration

recruit_blogimageRecruitment and communication go hand-in-hand. Whether it is communicating within the team or with candidates and clients, communication is at the core of every recruitment process. If you have found a way to resolve communication issues, then you have crossed half the hurdles hindering your recruitment process.

How many times have organizations lost out on potential talent due to lack of proper and timely communication? Candidates sometimes wait for a long time to know the outcome of their interview, and without a doubt, the organization that responds faster seals the deal. When handling bulk recruitment activities, apt and accurate communication becomes an even bigger challenge. Also, coordination within the team is mandatory for a smoother flow of work. Even with regular meetings and updates it is easy to miss out on vital information.

So just what can be done to sort out this major setback? Sending over 200 emails per day is taxing even for a reputed recruitment professional. One can easily miss out important information or cross deadlines along the way.

To put an end to such communication woes, modern day ATS come with in-depth email integration which ease out the effort needed to manually log into each email client and send out emails. Also, they come with options to send out bulk emails to user-specified candidate groups, further simplifying the communication process. What’s more, tracking communication threads has become a breeze.

Easy internal communication is an added advantage. Because all your team members and leaders will be logged onto the same system, therefore you need not worry about keeping them informed on daily activities and tasks.

ATS have come a long way in simplifying the recruitment process and email integration is one of the key highlights of this progress. If you are considering automating your recruitment process then we strongly recommend that you check out the communication options available on any ATS before you decide to purchase it. Hassle-free communication is the prime key to improving your existing recruitment system.

Zoho Recruit offers advanced email integration which includes linking your personal email accounts from various clients and accessing them from within the ATS. Each communication thread is automatically linked to the respective record and can be accessed easily for viewing. The mail merge option makes it easy to send out personalized bulk emails to candidates or clients. Also, any events set up or modified, triggers emails to relevant people involved. Not only does Zoho Recruit aid communication, but it can also parse resume attachments from emails thus saving you the trouble of sorting out and reviewing all of your emails.

So now you know what to include on your checklist when you consider purchasing an ATS. Don’t settle down for anything that’s less than the best. Make sure ideal communication is at the top of your checklist and try out all available options and features before you decide on which ATS would best suit your organization’s needs.


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