SEEK and ye shall find!

Computers may not be on their way out completely, but candidates are using their mobile phones more and more these days to hunt for jobs. This means it’s critical to make it easier for recruiters to connect with the right talent no matter what device they’re using. The integration between SEEK and Zoho Recruit has been crafted for this purpose. The Apply with SEEK button on your Zoho Recruit career site and on the SEEK job board offers an enhanced candidate experience by pre-filling a candidate’s job application form. Candidates with a SEEK profile can also attach their stored CV with just a click on desktop and mobile.

Studies say that although most employers use webforms to hire and screen candidates, applicants don’t feel motivated to fill in a time-consuming application form. Over 74% of candidates drop off during the application flow. This indicates that there’s something wrong with how we collect applicant information. Filling in the same details for different applications can cause the candidate to lose interest or make mistakes when inputting their information.

What is Apply with SEEK?

SEEK is one of the biggest job boards in Australia and New Zealand. Candidates who are trying for jobs in these regions can use this platform to land their dream job. Apply with SEEK is an option that simplifies the application process for these candidates by pre-filling their job applications.

A win-win for both recruiters and candidates

Recruiters can use the Apply with SEEK feature on their Zoho Recruit career site and on the SEEK job listing. Candidates can easily apply for these job openings from their desktop or mobile. This makes both sides of the entire application process much faster and simpler. You’ll boost the number of candidates you attract, and candidates will likely remember how you saved them time during the tedious job-SEEKing process.

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