Recruit better with integrations

Zapier zoho recruit integrationIntegrations complement your recruitment software’s existing offerings. The tools you use influence the efficiency of your overall recruitment process, and integrations make it easier for you to employ the best tools on the market.

Application programming interface (API) integration allows for two applications to connect for easy data transfer and communication. This way, you can process a high volume of data with real-time updates.

Four reasons why your recruitment software needs integrations  

  1. Keep up-to-date with the latest technology and improve your ROI.

  2. Save time and reduce errors that come from manually entering data between software

  3. Facilitate easy communication and data transfer between apps for a more seamless customer experience.

  4. Easily implement workflow automations.

Zoho Recruit  x Zapier

By integrating Zoho Recruit with Zapier, you can connect the Recruit platform with various cloud-based software solutions and devise a more robust recruitment strategy.

Zapier also allows you to automate workflows. Simply choose a trigger and a response action that follows. This entire process can be created without any coding knowledge.

How has the Zapier integration improved ESPA’s productivity? 

European Student Placement Agency, or ESPA, is a recruitment agency that presents internships and placement opportunities for international students. It recruits candidates for clients by creating need assessment profiles, advertising roles across different channels, and managing the application process from start to finish. The agency then interviews and assesses candidates to shortlist top applicants for its clients.

ESPA manages a high volume of candidate information, and the Zapier integration for Zoho Recruit empowers the agency with automated workflows throughout the whole recruitment process.

For example, ESPA has created its own job board with WordPress and synced it to Zoho Recruit through Zapier. The integration means candidates can provide all the necessary details on the WordPress platform, and the agency can access it all from one place. This reduces the overall admin time.

ESPA happily recommends Zoho Recruit and the Zapier integration to others, noting that “it’s a seamless integration and relatively foolproof.”

Integrations complement the software 

Integrations make it easy to run a lucrative end-to-end recruitment process. An ideal recruitment platform should offer access to all the recruitment tools from within the software itself.

Learn more about the Zapier integration for Zoho Recruit here.


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