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After an arduous interview process, closing an offer should be a smooth experience for both the candidate and recruiter. The most important part of this is creating and issuing an offer letter.

Zoho Recruit's offer templates can help with this. All you need to do is specify the remuneration, tenure (if it's a contract job), and the offer's expiration date. To make this process even easier, we have created a brand new module in the software.

Here is how Zoho Recruit can streamline your offer process. 

Send both permanent and contract offers 

While generating the offer letter, you can select the Offer of Contract or Offer of Employment option and create an offer letter accordingly. While you can send multiple Offer of Contract letters to a candidate record, you can only send one Offer of Employment letter.

Send offer letters through email and e-signature 

Zoho Recruit enables you to send offers with Zoho Sign, Adobe Acrobat Sign, and DocuSign. You can also send offer letters through email, and the candidate can accept with comments that are recorded as notes in the candidate record.

Plan, revise, & send offers  

Once your create an offer, it is saved under the candidate record as Offer Planned. This letter can then be sent, revised, or discarded if no longer needed. The status of the offer letter changes based on recruiter and candidate actions.

You can get a complete overview of the offer in the candidate detail page.

Automate reminder emails  

Follow-up is key after issuing an offer, and you can automate it with Zoho Recruit. Simply set up a reminder email closer to the offer's expiration date.

Make the approval process seamless  

Important stakeholders must approve any job offer, and their decisions should be appropriately recorded. We ensure that this can be done from within the Zoho Recruit software itself.

As soon as you create the offer letter, you can send it through a sequential or parallel approval process. A sequential approval process has stakeholders approve the offer in a specific order, while a parallel process only requires that the offers are approved by all the concerned parties.

You can view the status of the approval in the candidate detail page. You will also be notified as soon as the approval process is complete.

End-to-end recruitment made effortless 

After working with thousands of clients over the course of a decade, the Zoho Recruit team understands the nuances of the recruitment process. We use the feedback from our clients to ensure that our product aligns with their needs.

Check out how you can use the offer letter module in detail here

If you haven't had the chance to explore our product already, sign up to a free trial today!


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