Zoho Recruit: Moving up the Matrix

This is the fourth year that Zoho Recruit tops as a leader in the Talent Acquisition Technology Value Matrix published by Nucleus Research.

Nucleus Research is a reliable research institution that employs an ROI-focused method to assist individuals in making informed technology investments. Its investigations yield impartial evaluations, allowing users to discern which products offer genuine benefits.

Through the Technology Value Matrix, Nucleus Research offers a structured comparison of top vendors within each industry. This aids customers in selecting products that best align with their specific needs.

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Here are some of the features that make Zoho Recruit a favorite amongst organizations, according to Nucleus Research's report:

Making collaborative hiring a breeze  

Zoho Recruit knows that the more collaborative a hiring process is, the more efficient it becomes. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the recruitment process and its outcomes are satisfactory to all stakeholders, including the recruiting teams, employees, clients and candidates. Moreover, effective collaboration can significantly reduce time to hire, and subsequently reduce recruitment costs and improve candidate experience.

How do we do this?

  • Your team members can add notes to each record and keep the entire team in the loop.

  • Set up automated alerts to candidates and other contacts via email and SMS.

  • Divide work between your team automatically and contextually based on organization-wide record distribution rules.

  • Set up custom notifications to consistently stay on top of everything that is happening in your recruitment process.

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Easy client and candidate relationship management  

  • With our client portal, you can easily understand and meet client requirements by enabling them to create jobs, send feedback, and even make interview decisions.

  • Our candidate portal helps you create a talent pool that you can reach out to anytime. Moreover, candidates can track the progress of their application, and leave their reviews on the recruitment experience.

candidate relationship management

Making it easy for your candidates to find you, and vice versa 

  • With Zoho Recruit, you can post your jobs across over 75 job boards. The platform facilitates social recruiting, making it extremely easy for your job posts to reach potential candidates.

  • It is also super easy for you to find and add matching candidates for your job requirements with our Source Boosters feature.

The Zoho Recruit advantage 

Zoho Recruit has established itself as a key player in the talent acquisition landscape, serving over 8,000 global businesses during its decade-long presence. We prioritize customer and partner feedback, continuously striving to provide recruiters with tailored solutions in today's ever-evolving work environment. Our commitment to incorporating user input remains integral to Zoho Recruit's growth, as we aim to meet the latest technological demands in the realm of talent acquisition. Sign up now for a 14-day free trial to experience the benefits firsthand.

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