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Hello and welcome to Recruit Monthly, a series of blog posts aimed at informing you of the latest developments regarding Zoho Recruit. It’s been a busy month for us considering the sheer amplitude of feature updates and integrations that came our way. Nevertheless, every single update our team works on is meant to make recruiting easier for you, our customer.  

As mentioned earlier, these series of posts will mainly focus on educating our users of the changes in-product in order to help them adapt to the ever-changing recruitment landscape.

That being said, here are the most recent developments in Zoho Recruit. 

Create, Schedule, Evaluate, Repeat.

Fortify your applicant evaluation process with the all-new Interviewer’s Assessments. Create multiple assessments, associate them with interviews and evaluate applicants trouble-free with Zoho Recruit’s central Assessments module. Consider you have 10 equally qualified candidates shortlisted for a job opening, using Zoho Recruit’s interview Assessments feature, you’d be able to filter out the best from the rest and zero in on the perfect fit. While you’re interviewing the candidate, you can summarize your interview experience using a spectrum of custom ratings, namely, ‘Strong Hire Hire On-hold Reject Strong Reject‘.  Learn More

Let Your Job Openings Take Centre Stage

Let your organization’s brand value speak with Zoho Recruit’s Default Domain feature. If in case your firm doesn’t have a website, you can make use of the default domain name generated by Zoho Recruit to make your job openings more appealing to candidates. Learn More

Minimize Data Loss While Parsing

Review and edit any mistakes or data loss while parsing candidate resumes using the Parsing Review feature. Once toggled on, the parsing review feature allows you to edit information obtained with Zoho Recruit’s many resumes parsing features such as Resume Extractor, Resume Inbox, and Paste the Resume. Always review your candidate details before creating a record in your database as you’d require accurate candidate data for your recruitment process to be plain sailing. Learn More

Preview Candidate Resumes Without Breaking A Sweat

With this update, you can preview the candidate’s resume attachment without having to navigate to the attachments sub tab. The quick view button is placed directly below the candidate’s name, near the social profiles quick links.


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