Getting smart with Advanced Recruit Analytics


James runs a staffing agency.
James wanted to generate weekly business insights.
James switched to Advanced Recruit Analytics.
James is now his workplace ninja.
James is smart.
Be like James.

Like James, many modern day recruiters are responsible for more than just hiring. It isn’t enough to simply fill as many job openings as possible with the most talented candidates. Recruiters now have to simultaneously think like recruiters, marketers and salespeople to be competitive. 

From having a social media presence to utilizing an ATS, and working remotely on your mobile device, recruiters have to also be updated and in sync with their data at all times. Otherwise, it’s very likely that they would fall prey to the “analytics monster”.

With so much data to keep a track of and relatively less time to analyse it, wouldn’t it be easier if someone analysed it and gave you readymade insights all at once? With Advanced Recruit Analytics, the new Zoho Analytics integration feature in Zoho Recruit, recruiters can access their data and create custom reports wherever they are.

Excel sheets are great at doing one thing: displaying your data. But they don’t give you any analysis or help you make any decisions. The advanced analytics in Zoho Recruit takes your data and interprets it to show your businesses’ strengths and weaknesses.

So what kind of reports can automatically improve your recruiting game?

Team performance report:

Recruiter administrators can use this report to see who the top performers are on your team, so you can reward them. You can also use this data to help motivate and coach lower-performing recruiters.


Activities trend for clients by months:

This report gives you the number of activities processed by your clients as part of the recruitment process. Now you can see and analyse which client has been proactively processing pending candidate approvals, updating new job openings and communicating other recruitment tasks. After identifying these clients, you can create a strategy to shorten the interval time and speed up the hiring process.  


Source efficiency report:

It’s important to know where your candidates come from. This report helps you see which channel delivers the most candidates, so you see which mediums are and aren’t working effectively.


Job openings status report:

This report gives recruiters insights about the number of job openings during the first week of the month, the number of positions filled, and the number of positions pending every month. Comparing this with the last couple of months will help you see your business’ trends to find out if they are in sync with the global trends.


Client submission report:

This report helps the recruiter analyse approval or rejection rate of candidates by the clients. It lists candidates associated with each client, along with their interview status updates, that includes on-hold, approved or rejected.


Top-five job openings report:

This report provides you the top five ‘hot’ (or popular) job openings in your company depending on the number of activities performed. Insights like these are significant as they help you know the current demand and plan your game much in advance.


Many more reports like the, ‘current recruitment status’, ‘hiring status’ and ‘candidate registration status’ helps you create quick goals through analytics. Apart from the existing 50 plus sample reports, you can also customize your reports and dashboards.

From making crucial decisions and understanding the development curve of your business to keeping track of your team’s performance, Recruit Analytics’ 50 plus pre-bundled reports lets you chalk out strategies for your company with just a click, making your workday less stressful. 

Configure the Advanced Recruit Analytics on your Zoho Recruit, sync all your modules, and let your data do the talking.  


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