"Change, Transform, Evolve" -- The Modern Recruiter’s Mantra.

Resumes are never scarce if you’re a recruiter. While candidate applications flow in from everywhere, sorting through them manually and ranking them based on their qualification for a job opening isn’t always as rewarding as you want it to be.

Traditionally, the resume-filtering process used to be automated using keyword matching (like SEO), a method that proved to be unreliable because it gave way to various loopholes and hacks candidates would use to exploit the filtering process.

This exploitation hurt a firm’s brand as hundreds of job searchers would be unhappy with the hiring process, and resumes that made it past the initial screening wouldn’t represent great candidates.

AI automates recruitment

With the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI), there was suddenly a surge of technological advancements being incorporated into recruitment solutions, giving process automation a new meaning. Initially, a wave of chat bots, web bots, and automatic video tools took candidate engagement to a new level.

Although these solutions were one-dimensional, they proved to be a blessing for recruiters around the globe as they could converse with candidates and source information without actually having to talk to them.

However, these enhancements to candidate engagement and information sourcing weren’t enough as resumes were still piling up, and all recruiters had to manage this issue were outdated and unreliable screening methods.

On the bright side, AI solutions were escalating and getting smarter, to an extent that it slowly became a part of our day-to-day routine.

From language translators and face recognition in photo apps to email spam filters and online product recommendations, we hardly notice how much we use AI in our daily lives. You could even call it the “AI epoch.” This advancement in technology and the demand for increased AI adoption in recruitment solutions gave rise to the modern resume screening method.

The age of machine learning 

Thus began the age of machine learning—a machine’s ability to learn useful functions from manually classified past examples.

Today’s AI solutions are so smart that they scan and rank a candidate’s qualifications and skills in order to grade them convincingly. With the use of machine learning, recruitment solutions were able to use the previous actions of recruiters to become smarter and infallible.

Moreover, this enhancement brought down time-to-fill by almost 75% compared to older methods, reduced time spent on manual tasks significantly, and also help recruiters rediscover past candidates.

Recruiters were then able to concentrate more on tasks that weren’t successfully addressed by AI—those that imply cognitive skills and emotional intelligence. Meanwhile, recruitment systems were getting smarter using their actions and were able to:

  • Learn to find the right candidate.

  • Filter job applications better.

  • Retain top talent and dismiss unqualified candidates from the talent pool.

Along with resume screening methods, AI has also improved areas where recruiters urgently demanded automation be implemented, like web bots that extensively search for passive candidates and prescriptive analytics that help recruiters understand their candidate pool better in order to find the best course of action for a given situation.

All this talk about AI must have got you wondering about what’s next for Zoho Recruit, right? Your brilliant question is about to be matched with a fitting answer.

Candidate matching with AI

Finding the perfect candidates for a job opening is now more straightforward than ever thanks to the evolution of AI matching.

Recruit uses Zia, an AI assistant built for the business world, to consider candidates based on their whole career rather than just scanning for certain words in a resume.

This enables her to find “the perfect match” for your job openings by matching their experiences, skills, and proficiencies with your requirements and grading them accordingly.

Assume you have 100 eligible candidate records in your Zoho Recruit accounts for five active job openings. Going through every candidate record and vetting them can be wearisome and repetitious.

With Zia’s help, you’re able to match and associate the right candidates exponentially quicker because she presents you with a list of candidates that are graded and ranked based on how much they match with the job requirements

AI candidate matching helps you be insightful, one step ahead, and ready to recruit.

If you think AI and candidate matching will help transform your recruiting process, try the completely overhauled Zoho Recruit today.


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