Announcing Zoho Recruit Career Site upgrade for Staffing Agencies and Corporate HRs

Since launching our first version of Zoho Recruit back in 2009, we’ve worked with many recruiters in their journey to streamline their recruitment processes. We’ve helped build not just an effective hiring system, but an exceptional experience for candidates and recruiters alike. 

Zoho Recruit’s combination of customizability and responsiveness is why over 6,000 companies trust us with their hiring processes.

As a show of our continued effort toward improving our services, we’re happy to announce our Career Site upgrade for recruitment agencies and corporate HRs.

Nearly one and a half years in the making, the new career site is one of our most ambitious projects. We’ve taken our evolving software developments and years of feedback from our customers and partners, and we’ve put them both together into one feature.

How is it going to help? To start, we know that maintaining a low candidate drop-off rate and an esteemed employer brand are top concerns for recruiters.

More often than not, you post a job and find that very few candidates have applied. Several begin the application process but don’t complete it. Others are stuck with dysfunctional pages, leaving you wondering what went wrong. 

We realized that the foundation of a successful hiring process lies in ensuring a candidate completes an application all the way until the end. And that’s where our journey to build a faster, smarter, and sassy career site began.

Experience an improved and contemporary UI

We’ve taken the advantage of Zoho’s own framework to redesign and upgrade your career site as a whole. This has exponentially reduced loading and page response times for site redirections, job listings, and everything in between.

Consolidate all your social media in one place 

Letting your potential candidates follow you on social channels will help them stay in touch with your company updates and provoke genuine interest. When they follow your company profile and connect with hiring managers, it also creates a sense of trust. In fact, more than 50% of hires come through personal connections on LinkedIn. Zoho Recruit allows you to add your company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to your career site interface. Plus, you can also share your jobs across to your community.

Your candidates can also save the job search criteria as an RSS feed, so whenever you add or update job openings, they will be notified automatically.

Everything employer branding 

Your career site should be thoughtfully written to drive an emotional impact. Our career site upgrade allows you to put your best foot forward. With our templates, you can use brand coloring for headings, subheadings, and other texts. Add in your logo, favicon, and a sentence or two that describes what it’s like to work at your company. Set up a compelling title, or use short GIFs to showcase your teams and culture.

Display career sites in local languages 

Recruitment teams in over 50 countries use Zoho Recruit to manage their hiring–and thousands are comprised of non-English speaking individuals. Tailoring your career pages to meet various cultural and linguistic needs is a must. Your candidates need to feel that your openings are created specifically for them. No matter how many locations your company operates in, you can have career sites in more than 25 languages with culturally appropriate colors, texts, and icons. This enhancement is available irrespective of your primary user language preference. 

What’s more? Create multiple career pages, each with your own format and language.

Jednostavno je

Embed jobs on your website: By developers, for developers

The more customers and partners we talk to, the more interesting functions and use cases we find for Zoho Recruit. Recruiters use career pages in different ways. Some use it as a redirection option from their website’s “Careers” section, while others wish to list jobs with multiple groupings on their website, such as with an iFrame option. However, the iFrame option is less likely to sync with your website design. It’s time to change that.

Starting today, we will provide you with an embed code that comes with formatting that you can customize.

We understand job applications are an experience. Here’s why your candidates are going to love you.

Put fewer demands on your applicants 

To support job seekers to the fullest, we’ve developed an easier job application process. We did this to reduce the number of steps and manual processes involved and enable an autofill feature for candidate details. We have not one, but four different options:

  • Autofill Option
    Choosing this option, your candidates can upload resumes from their mobile or computer system. All details will get parsed so they can have one quick skim before submitting.

  • Apply with LinkedIn
    LinkedIn has always been a candidate’s best friend when it comes to the job search. With that in mind, we’ve brought in the Apply with Linkedin option in the job application process. Clicking this button will populate all the information from a candidates’ LinkedIn profiles.

  • Easy Apply with Zoho Recruit
    If not the options above, your candidates can apply through the dedicated candidate portal in Zoho Recruit. They can register themselves to keep tabs on the current status of their job application.

  • Apply with Indeed
    The last option is to apply with Indeed. Let’s not forget that Indeed has the largest number of passive and active candidates in their database.

We believe your applicants are going to love you for this.

Mobile responsive career site

Mobile devices have become our natural extensions, and this goes for your applicants as well. According to the Indeed Hiring Lab Report, the global usage of mobile devices among job seekers is more than 50%. Optimizing a career site that is responsive on a mobile interface and easy to use will help you attract the best talent.  

Here are some of Zoho Recruit’s mobile highlights:

  1. Autofill application process
  2. Neat and concise job descriptions
  3. No more manual entries (well, they’re optional)
  4. Easy application process through LinkedIn
  5. Application through Zoho Recruit’s candidate portal
  6. Easy application process through Indeed.

To learn more about the career site features and other customizations, follow the steps in the video below or visit our help docs.

Comments? Questions? Feedback? We love to hear from you. Write to us at

Zoho Recruit is available in two plans—Agency and Corporate HRs. Check out the plans and sign up for a 15-day free trial today. Give Zoho Recruit a spin, and share your feedback with us. We’re very excited about this new addition, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

Zoho Recruit: Because employers and job seekers deserve the best.


5 Replies to Announcing Zoho Recruit Career Site upgrade for Staffing Agencies and Corporate HRs

  1. Hello, sounds good. One question though: Does Zoho have an overall number of customers of more than 6,000 companies or do you mean that over 6,000 companies really use Zoho Recruit? In a previous exchange I have herad that there are about 2,000 organizations using Zoho Recruit, but it might have been a misunderstanding. Thank you for clarifying. Anna

  2. Congradualtion for the new site. Easy to customize, markerting trend, great with social media. Great look!! But desapointed in regard of the limited access to one Candidate web form. Make it difficult when you recruit warehouse clerk and at the same time Financial manager and sales rep. Questions asked in the form are not the same. Whay not offer the same upload resume candidate form for spontaneous cadidacy? Looking forward to improve this aspect!

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