8 ways to build an effective careers site for your business

Zoho Effective Career Site
Zoho Recruit – 8 ways to build an effective careers site for your business

A well-crafted careers page can make an unforgettable first impression, attracting job seekers and converting them into applicants before you even begin marketing your openings in full force. This means more engaged candidates right from the start, and also less money spent on recruitment as a whole. However, in order to achieve these conversion rates, a careers page needs frequent updating. Keen attention to detail and regular edits ensure your site remains aligned to both the current values of your organization and the needs of potential applicants. Because of this, recruitment software that includes tools for creating and maintaining a strong careers page has become essential.

Whether you use an ATS software solution or not, here are some ways that you can improve your careers site to attract and retain the best candidates for each role.

1. Add personality

Candidates want to know who you are before they apply, so use your careers page to tell the story of your company. Share the highlights of your company’s history, what your workforce is passionate about, and the values you uphold. These are the pillars that your company is built on, and there is a 1.8x higher chance that candidates will apply to your jobs if they know your company’s culture and values. Your careers page needs to have crystal clear messaging that conveys the uniqueness of your corporate culture and clarifies what qualities your company prioritizes (e.g. teamwork, diversity, and integrity).

2. Give it the “human” element 

It’s not enough to just describe what the culture is like in your organization. Saying “our teams work best in open offices, and there’s no need for restrictive, overly professional garb” is not as effective as simply showing a picture of what teams in your organization look like. In a way, your employees are your brand ambassadors. Throw the spotlight on them—their stories, photos, videos, and testimonials. We know that every company thrives because of its people, so show candidates what thriving looks like in your organization.

3. Engage your visitors

The best careers pages are dynamic. People these days have a short attention span and no patience for endless text. To grab their attention and keep them interested in your page, use a powerful thought-provoking headline along with visual aids, like images, infographics, animations, and videos. If you are recruiting for specific roles, include information about what a day in the life of that employee would look like. Even text copy can be better organized with bullet points, subheadings, and bold or italic typefaces for emphasis.

4. Design for accessibility and user experience

Good content, functionality, and design are key ingredients of a successful careers page. Aim to follow UI and UX best practices to design something that is both simple and sleek. Are you a tech company? Automobile manufacturer? News outlet? Your webpage should be designed specifically to intrigue and lure your target demographic. Also, a well-designed careers page should be easily accessible with a structured flow in the application process to improve the candidate’s experience. Use filters that can narrow a candidate’s search, with keywords for different skills or job titles. A visitor should be able to navigate through your open roles easily and submit their application within a few steps.

5. Advertise your brand identity in job postings

An effective careers site needs to convert passive and potential candidates into applicants. Job descriptions should pique the interest of visitors and make them feel excited to apply. After going through it, they should have a clear sense of the role and what their work life will look like at your organization. Inconsistencies in this process will create a disillusioned feeling among applicants. They were told one thing but shown another, so to speak. This leads to increased candidate drop-off as the hiring process moves along, or increased new-hire turnover. So engage visitors on the page by postings informative, targeted, concise, and regularly updated content.

6. Automate your hiring process 

As we stated before, recruiting software can make your careers site and overall hiring process much more effective. It’s especially effective to have a full-scale talent acquisition solution with a robust candidate portal. This gives candidates a centralized place to apply for specific jobs, submit their profile for future opportunities, review and respond to interview updates, schedule video interviews, and sign documents such as offer letters. Integrate with other tools such as quick apply, web forms, job boards, and LinkedIn Apply, which lets applicants use their LinkedIn data to directly apply for jobs.

7. Encourage candidate diversity

An equal opportunity employer disclaimer like EEO and OFCCP builds credibility and accountability. Complying with these policies builds a sense of trust, which helps people of any race, gender, background, or age feel more comfortable applying for your open positions. Use pictures and videos to promote your diverse workplace to prove that diversity is a real priority at your company and that you make a conscious effort to combat bias.

8. Keep it mobile-friendly

Make sure your careers page is visible, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing on a diverse range of devices. 55% of page views in 2021 has been from mobile phones. Reach a wider range of candidates with mobile-friendly careers pages that include readable font, user-friendly forms, and clear content balanced with eye-catching visuals. Design with strictly relevant and qualifying questions and quick application forms. Try your best to minimize your page’s loading speed to avoid bounces. Here are some quick tips to help you optimize your page for mobile devices:

    • Responsive Design: This GUI design will adjust your page smoothly to various screen sizes and orientations, regardless of which device the page loads on.

    • UX: Simplify navigation and searchability, provide clear calls to action (CTAs) such as with “Apply Now” buttons, and eliminate unnecessary links and pop up windows.

    • Content: Remember to aim for minimalism. A well-written text and adequate white space is friendlier to the reader’s eye. Use lists, headings, powerful words, infographics, and images. Know your audience to develop more engaging content. A regularly updated list of all current job openings will help candidates find the best role for them.

Checklist for an effective career page
Checklist for Creating a Stand-Out Careers Page

A professional, branded careers page gives you that competitive edge because it bridges the gap between candidates and your company. Your careers page is the ultimate place to not only display open roles, but to showcase your brand, values, and mission. It will help you attract passive candidates and active job seekers who are perfect match for your company and convert them into valuable applicants in your candidate pool.

Want to learn more about how to optimize your careers site with a talent acquisition platform? Take a look at the Careers site feature of Zoho Recruit.

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