Make Employee Scheduling A Breeze with Zoho People’s Shift Scheduling


A recent study revealed that nearly one-fifth of the total global workforce works in shifts

These days, most businesses are open round-the-clock to provide top-notch customer service. But what’s great for customers is a challenge for shift managers. If you’re in charge of your business’s scheduling, you know the complications better than anyone else. Shift management is now a top concern for HRs, managers, and entrepreneurs.

Scheduling, whether weekly or monthly, is time consuming. And just when you think you’re finally done, the nightmare begins: swapping shifts, taking leave, calling in sick. It’s even more difficult if you are dealing with a large team or hourly workers who seem to never work the same shift twice. Even the smallest change can cascade into huge changes. Overall, scheduling the wrong way can sap anyone’s productivity and peace of mind.

Using the right scheduling software is one of the best ways to go about managing your shift staff effectively.

Zoho People Introduces “Shift Scheduling

Zoho People, the HR software from Zoho, has added “Shift Management”, a new feature designed to assist in the complex task of organizing employee shift schedules. With this, we aim to provide our users with a time-efficient and user-friendly way to create shift schedules.

Some of Shift Scheduling’s features and benefits include:

Add Multiple Shifts Optimize Resources and Time

Zoho People allows you to add multiple shifts with the ability to create shift-based holidays and weekends. Users can schedule a particular employee’s shifts for a designated time-frame, or even change the already-scheduled shift for a single day. This gives flexibility to HRs and managers for creating and managing shift roster, alleviating the hassles and headaches of everyday shift management.

 Map Users – Mitigate Scheduling Errors

Schedule shifts for multiple employees at once. Handle request for shift changes easily, with instant conflict messages. Errors with time-off requests and scheduling overlap will be minimized.


 Shift Rotation – Build Rosters Easily

Just selecting the shifts, staff and dates from the drop-down menu and you are done.! You don’t have to put restrictions on the roster length; set them for a time-frame of a week, month, quarter or more in one view. You can also pre-plan your schedules by creating the schedule in advance.


Instant Notification for  Employees

No back-and-forth calls or emails to learn about a new shift. Zoho People automatically notifies through feeds and also sends customized emails to individual employees. That’s an extra peace of mind!

Lastly, for making this process successful and less stressful, keep in mind your employee preference, which will ultimately lead to increase in employee work efficiency.

Happy Employees = Productive Employees

Employee shift preferences and vacation requests are essential in preparing and creating a schedule that works for all staff. Employee satisfaction will increase as employees are able to make the schedule work for their needs. Allowing employees to work at a schedule that they prefer will bring your organization productivity gains.

So if you are looking out for an easy solution to schedule shifts for your small business, give Zoho People a try. While we are on the process of adding more to our shift management module, we are all ears to take your input.

Happy Scheduling!




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