Using an LMS to manage remote learning

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, many organizations are preparing to provide a remote work option to their employees as a part of social distancing. When your employees work remotely, it’s not only essential to ensure their work activities continue unhindered, but it’s also important to keep employee training and development initiatives going strong.

How a Learning Management System eases remote workforce trainingMany organizations may have followed traditional classroom methods to train their employees before, but that may no longer be possible in the present situation. This can be overcome by using a Learning Management System (LMS). E-learning, one of the essential features of the LMS, makes remote learning more effective by removing time and distance barriers. Here are some of the benefits of e-learning:

  • Reduces training times as the whole learning process is automated

  • Provides a personalized and flexible learning experience

  • Enables employees to access learning materials at their convenience

  • Enhances employee retention by helping employees to acquire new skills

E-learning can provide an exceptional foundation for remote training and development for your employees. Here are some ways in which an LMS allows employees to train effectively while working from home:

  • Allows course instructors to conduct live sessions to help learners understand difficult topics

  • Facilitates real-time discussion and debate to improve learner engagement

  • Saves a considerable amount of time by simplifying the assessment and evaluation process

  • Enables learners to provide and receive feedback

An LMS streamlines the learning process for your business and helps you manage training sessions efficiently even when your employees work remotely. Employee morale and satisfaction are also improved when employees are given the opportunity to develop their skills.

Using Zoho People’s Learning Management System, your organization’s training and development procedure can be taken to the next level, and you can establish a culture of continuous learning at your company. Because many organizations are adopting remote work to adjust to the current Coronavirus crisis, our Learning Management System will remain free until July 31, 2020. 

Read more about how an LMS simplifies remote workforce training in the HR Knowledge Hive.


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