Top challenges that hinder employee engagement and tips to tackle them

In the modern workplace, employee engagement is everything. When your employees are engaged, they will be happier with the work they do, more committed to your organizational goals, and more loyal to your organization as a whole. Engaged employees are more likely to do everything in their power to take your organization to the next level.

Top challenges that hinder employee engagement

Understanding the factors that hinder employee engagement will help you understand what to prioritize when crafting your people management initiatives. Here are some common employee engagement challenges facing organizations today:

  • Communication gaps: When the communication between employees and their peers, managers, and top-level leaders suffers, employee engagement will drop significantly. As the business world becomes more digitized, teams are having to adjust to new communication methods.

  • People Analytics: People Analytics is an excellent way to gather employee data and uncover the insights you need to take employee engagement to the next level. However, many organizations are not able to use these metrics to their best advantage. Some lack the expertise in applying data analytics to their management strategies. Others suffer from silos that keep their data scattered across multiple departments.

  • Leadership: The efforts to improve employee engagement should be unified across your organization. Top-level leaders should be committed to aligning their management practices with the employee engagement initiatives the HR department implements. When organizational hierarchies do not communicate and agree, this causes chaos for employees.

  • Negative work environment: No matter how strong an initiative is, some workplaces suffer from negativity that has built up over time. Gossip, arguments, disagreements, low productivity, anxiety—it’s impossible to keep employees engaged with these issues floating around. In this case, it’s important to speak directly with employees and root out the core problems they are facing.

  • Measuring employee engagement: Organizations sometimes struggle with measuring employee engagement as it’s more of a feeling rather than a quantifiable metric. With surveys, interviews, and feedback, it’s possible to get a stronger understanding of how engaged your employees are and whether your initiatives are working or not.

 By developing a comprehensive plan to overcome these challenges, your employee engagement strategies will be more effective and productivity in your organization will increase. Head over to our HR Knowledge Hive to read more about how to tackle these challenges.


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