Tips to improve work-life balance for remote employees

The COVID-19 pandemic forced several employees to work remotely without much time to adjust. Employees who are not used to working from home may find it challenging to balance their professional and personal commitments while weathering this global healthcare crisis.

Promoting work-life balance among remote employees

As employers, here’s what you can do to promote work-life balance among your employees:

  • Express your expectations clearly and assign work to employees well in advance

  • Be a little more flexible towards employee needs and focus on the work an employee does rather than the time they spend doing it

  • Train your managers in remote workforce management, and encourage them to listen to employee concerns and feedback

  • Make your employees aware of the best work-life balance practices for working remotely

  • Organize wellness activities regularly in a way that doesn’t clash with your employees’ routine work

  • Practice work-life balance yourself by not staying online after working hours and taking advantage of time off

Read more about how to promote work-life balance among your remote employees in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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