Sync users from People to Recruit with our Zoho Recruit add-on

Providing a great candidate experience is the first step toward improving employee happiness. As a part of Zoho People’s continuous effort to help you provide exceptional work experiences to your employees, we are delighted to announce that Zoho Recruit will now be available as an add-on to Zoho People. As an applicant tracking system, Zoho Recruit streamlines the hiring process, making recruitment more efficient and effortless. The entire recruitment process, from candidate sourcing to appointment, can be automated using Zoho Recruit.

Zoho Recruit Add-on

 Connecting candidate experience to employee experience

Zoho Recruit can be purchased from your Zoho People account as an add-on to facilitate a seamless integration. This enables your organization to create an outstanding experience for your employees right from when they’re sourced. According to research conducted by Career Builder, about 78% of job-seekers believe that the candidate experience provided by an organization is an indicator of how it values its employees. The Zoho People and Zoho Recruit integration creates harmony between a candidate’s experience during recruitment and the employee experience they will encounter in the organization. This helps new hires get accustomed to their job responsibilities and workplace environment. Having an integrated platform to complete onboarding tasks without any confusion communicates an efficient, modern organizational culture to your new employees.

 Say goodbye to double work!

Our Zoho Recruit add-on also simplifies and automates routine manual tasks. This saves a substantial amount of time for your HR department, allowing them to concentrate on other initiatives and goals. Once Zoho Recruit is purchased as an add-on, all the important information regarding departments and users will be synchronized automatically in your Zoho Recruit account. When a user is deleted or made idle, the same information will also be updated in Zoho Recruit, avoiding repeated data entry. When a user in Zoho People has an account in Zoho Recruit already, the information of the user will not be updated in Zoho Recruit.


  • If your organization is using Zoho Recruit already, you cannot purchase the product as an add-on.

  • The Zoho Recruit add-on feature is available only for paid users.

Check out our Zoho Recruit add-on help guide to get more detailed information about this new feature.

If you have any questions regarding the Zoho Recruit add-on, feel free to write to us at


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