Six team building activities to engage remote employees

Casual interactions and collaboration among employees are crucial to improve your organization’s success. Your employees will only get to know each other and work better if they have opportunities to interact socially. This creates trust and transparency among employees. While employees work remotely, it is important to conduct fun virtual activities that will help them to bond.

Remote team building activities

Here are some online activities that will engage remote employees:

  • Organize virtual coffee breaks at least three days a week to give employees a chance to converse with their colleagues

  • Host fun games like office quizzes or Pictionary, and encourage senior officials to participate to increase the fun

  • Conduct wellness sessions to help employees beat stress and loneliness

  • Create dedicated internal chat groups and encourage employees to stay in touch with each other

  • Engage your employees’ families by conducting group virtual games

  • Select online games that your employees are interested in and ask them to play them together to create strong bonds

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