Managing remote attendance with a cloud-based attendance tracker

As many employees continue to work from home, organizations need to streamline their attendance tracking processes. Managing remote employees’ attendance manually can be difficult and error-prone, especially at this time. Using a cloud-based attendance tracker, it is easy to manage employee attendance without any errors, no matter where they’re working from. Here are some of the different ways a cloud-based attendance tracker can improve remote attendance management:

Managing remote attendance

  • Enables employees to record their working hours and clock-in and clock-out through their mobile and web applications
  • Tracks the time employees spend on different projects and allows managers to approve time entries digitally
  • Simplifies the payroll process by consolidating every employee’s attendance in a single location
  • Reduces the risk of time theft and enhances transparency
  • Provides reports, which will help you track attendance patterns

Read more about the benefits of using a cloud-based attendance tracker to manage remote employee attendance in our HR Knowledge Hive.



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