Integrating a reward system with your HRMS: the key to keeping your people motivated

This is a guest blog by Xoxoday, a rewards and recognition platform.

An effective human resource management system (HRMS) allows companies to track employee data, automate HR processes, and maintain compliance, all within a centralized platform. The best HRMS options give users the opportunity to add and customize features that match their specific needs. That’s where native integrations come into play.

Seamless native integrations have become a hot topic among developers and business owners, and for a good reason. They double the effectiveness of existing software, make organizational tasks more manageable, and help businesses scale to great heights.

With about one-third of IT professionals shifting to cloud services, it’s not surprising that businesses are always on the lookout for simpler digital solutions. Third-party integrations can help them tailor their technology and achieve unique business goals.

Native integrations eliminate friction, increase switching costs, and help capture more value.

If that isn’t convincing enough, consider the following:  

The Global Data Integration & Integrity Software reached a market value of $9.84 billion in 2020. Interestingly, the market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 12.67% and reach nearly $20.13 billion by 2026. (Source: Expert Market Research)

Of course, you have services like Zapier to rely on, but these may not deliver a completely seamless experience. Instead, leveraging native integrations for your HRMS can bolster operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, and enhance data quality.

A native integration is a set of applications that directly integrate with each other via application programming interfaces (APIs). Once integrated, there’s a seamless flow of data between the apps, and it becomes readily accessible to users.

In simple terms, native integration is a way to integrate software platforms or applications with the help of APIs. Some of the benefits of native integrations include:

  • Limited data latency, as your data exists within the platform and updates in real time

  • No need for bi-directional syncs

  • Use of platform developer tools for coherent customization

  • Improved compliance with global privacy laws

An API is a tool or software that enables two or more applications to communicate with each other. The interface is coded to allow applications to send requests and receive responses from one another without interruptions.

 In short, an API acts as a messenger to:

  • Deliver your requests to a provider

  • Send the responses back to you

When programmers create code, they don’t do it from scratch. Instead, they leverage APIs to use pre-existing frameworks and ensure unique app propositions. This prevents the need to reinvent the wheel every time they write a new program.

How native integrations can turbocharge your HRMS for employee rewards

Native SaaS integrations are just what HR managers need to enhance their HRMS. The simplicity and usability of these integrations makes them a key consideration when implementing potential platform solutions. Choosing an HRMS that fails to integrate with other software can create obstacles in the long run.

Here are the key benefits of integrating a reward system with your HRMS: 
  • Boosts employee motivation: When employees know they are appreciated for their efforts, it results in increased motivation and engagement. When you offer great rewards to your employees, financial or otherwise, it instills trust and encourages them to go the extra mile.
  • Drives positive behavior: While it’s important to thank employees for a job well done, recognizing them with concrete rewards can have an even greater impact. When an organization rewards its workforce effectively, it’s able to build a better company culture. This encourages positive behavior and, most importantly, strengthens employee loyalty.
  • Increases employee productivity: No two company cultures are the same. This means that what your employees look for in a rewards program can differ vastly from employee preferences at other organizations. Offering valuable yet unique rewards can incentivize your employees to be more productive. A great way to do this is by offering rewards that your employees wouldn’t find anywhere else. Look for rewards that go beyond the typical, and ask your employees about their preferences. Are they looking for time off? Maybe a luxury dining experience or tickets to an exciting event? The right rewards can inspire greater trust and improve productivity.
  • Reduces business costs: Integrations enable developers to build solutions that provide great user experiences without adding costs for businesses. Let’s say you have an HRMS that fails to be flexible enough to connect with a reward management system (RMS). You could reach out to your HRMS provider asking for this feature to be built, but its implementation will be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. When your HRMS has the ability to integrate with a third-party RMS, it saves you time, money, and unnecessary headaches.

Native integrations are no longer a luxury but a necessity, especially for businesses that handle multiple cloud-based applications.

Implementing an additional reward system feature into an existing HRMS can be highly time-consuming and expensive. That’s why most businesses prefer using a robust, flexible, and scalable HRMS.

This raises the question: Is it possible to integrate a reward system with your HRMS? The answer is, yes, absolutely! Zoho People is an excellent example of this.

While the core system of Zoho People is developed to access and manage employee data from a centralized location, it also gives you the flexibility to connect with third-party applications. Zoho People integrates with a cloud-based RMS like Xoxoday Plum to provide a wide range of digital gift cards, experiential rewards, and more.

The native integration of Zoho People and Xoxoday Plum simplifies reward distribution while ensuring compliance. It is designed to allow employees to access and redeem rewards directly from the Zoho People platform, preventing the need to invest in a separate system.

Make reward distribution easy. 

Integrate Zoho People with Xoxoday Plum, a cloud-based
RMS, to reward your employees for their achievements and keep them motivated.

Try the integration



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