How to master the art of employee recognition

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Employee recognition helps strengthen workplace relationships by acting as validation for individual and team efforts. It creates space for employees to work more effectively, regardless of the industry or organization they’re a part of. It also helps boost employee morale and engagement by fostering a culture of mutual respect and trust. Acknowledgment and appreciation are ways to tell employees how much they are valued, so having a strong recognition system will naturally boost an organization’s employer brand. Job seekers will be attracted to the gratitude that the company shows for its employees.

What makes employee recognition so important today?

Employee recognition is one of the most fundamental tasks for any business. It’s crucial to reaffirm employees and eliminate any negativity that may be permeating the organization. This is why employee recognition programs have become a standard throughout the business world. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the psychological effects of recognition and how it can impact your bottom line. As Dale Carnegie put it, “People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise, and rewards.”

Recognizing employees has never been more important than now. The ongoing pandemic has altered work culture globally. The uncertainty has only added more stress and anxiety to the mental health of employees. The biggest challenge of HR professionals during this time is to keep their workforce happy and satisfied. Implementing recognition programs to build internal trust and relationships with management is the key to helping employees stay engaged and productive. 

Employee recognition: how to do it right  

 Employee recognition does not have to be difficult, and it can be an incredibly rewarding process. In order to recognize your employees effectively, you need to understand and follow some basic principles. Vantage Circle has developed an AIRe Framework for employee recognition. The framework is built with years of experience and expertise behind it to provide organizations with the best recognition initiatives.

AIRe stands for Appreciation, Incentivization, Reinforcement, and Emotional Connect—the key tenets of employee recognition. Let’s explore how the AIRe framework can help you master the art of employee recognition.


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