How facial recognition in Zoho People streamlines attendance 

We recently introduced Facial Recognition in Zoho People, a feature that helps you to validate the identity of your employees when they check in or check out. Because it’s a part of Zoho People’s attendance management system, Facial Recognition helps your HR team prevent attendance proxies, identity theft, and other activities that threaten the security of your organization. It’s one of the safest ways of marking attendance, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

Facial recognition in Zoho People

Facial recognition works two ways in Zoho People and either of these two options can be enabled for your employees. The first option captures a picture of your employees when they request a check-in or check-out and saves it inside the application for manual verification. This image can later be accessed by reporting managers and admins to confirm user identity. The second option captures your employee’s image when they check in or check out and matches the captured image with their profile picture in Zoho People to verify the identity of the user. The check-in or check-out attempt will not be successful unless both the images match.

Read more detailed information about how Facial Recognition works in Zoho People.


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