Here's how Zoho People eases remote workforce management

The rapid increase in the number of Coronavirus cases has made so many organizations adopt remote working. But the increased demand for remote work is not only due to the ongoing crisis.

Managing remote workforce with Zoho People As technology advances, remote work will become more and more prevalent in the business world. During this crisis and into the future beyond it, it’s essential to ensure that HR operations keep up with these changes. With this in mind, we’ve put together the different ways in which Zoho People facilitates remote workforce management:

  • Provides a hassle-free remote onboarding experience to new employees by consolidating all the required documents in a single location

  • Helps HR professionals and managers provide performance reviews to employees even while working remotely

  • Enables employees to mark their attendance regardless of their location

  • Organizes and handles employee cases efficiently

  • Allows employees to communicate and collaborate with each other

  • Records the time employees spend on different projects and eases payroll processing

  • Empowers employees to access essential HR documents and provides information about their attendance hours, time-off balances, insurance, and more.

  • Facilitates remote learning and helps course instructors conduct live online sessions

  • Collects vital information from employees and stores it online

Read more about how Zoho people facilitates remote work in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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