Get Instant HR Alerts and Live Feeds with Zoho People.

Jack, an executive, applies for a travel approval through his company’s HR portal. His manager misses the request amongst other important emails. The approval is delayed and Jack is left uncertain about his forthcoming travel.

Now, lets assume Jack’s travel gets approved eventually. He plans his lodging and other expenses for his trip, keeping the existing HR policy in mind. Upon returning, he attempts to have his expenses reimbursed, only to realize the HR policy had been changed well before his departure. This leads to unforeseen confusion.


Approvals, reviews and announcements will be effective only if they’re made at the right time. The situations detailed above are just two of many such instances employees encounter on a regular basis. It could also apply to job completion notifications, leave approvals, timesheet requests, office holidays or any other announcements. Yes, you could always receive alerts and discuss approvals through email. However, too many emails back and forth would result in flooding your inbox.

How can this be solved? It’s simple: Notifications!

Real-time updates:
Instant alerts and notifications keep your employees well informed of any of these: approvals they request and receive, a change in the company policy, or even a change in the jobs that they work on.

Better collaboration:
Besides live feeds, employees and managers can also collaborate on project allocations, leave scheduling, and work reallotments to make decisions faster.

Improved transparency:
With communication being open and transparent, every approval request can be
discussed, leaving no room for future denial and hierarchical disputes.

A notification is all it takes to bring an employee up to speed. Plenty of HR portals say they have built-in, configurable feeds. But if you want one that’s simple, affordable, and reliable, welcome to Zoho People!


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