Debunking top 5 employee management myths

The importance of employee management cannot be overstated. When your employees are effectively managed, nothing can stop them from working at their best and driving the overall organizational success.

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In this article, we are bursting five myths associated with employee management so that you can better empower your employees to do their best work:

  • Performance reviews are not just for pinpointing the flaws and mistakes of employees whose performance is not up to the mark. Every employee needs performance reviews and feedback to understand how they contribute to their organization’s success and how they can improve their performance.

  • Time at work is no measure of productivity. The productivity of each employee should be calculated based on the quality of their work, how it impacts your business, and how committed they are to their job, rather than only the time they spent actually doing the work.

  • Employees increasingly give equal importance to benefits and perks, including PTO, remote work, flexibility in their hours, retirement programs, etc. as they give to their salary. You cannot keep employees happy through pay alone.

  • Employee recognition is now more important than ever. It’s high time we stop relegating employee recognition programs to the back burner. Without some form of acknowledgment, your employees are likely to lose their sense of direction.

  • Not all millennials and Gen Zers are just looking for their next job. Many want to be a part of organizations that work towards a greater cause with jobs that have a purpose.

Don’t get in the way of your people performing to their fullest by using outdated management strategies; they are an important piece of the employee experience puzzle, and failing to evolve can result in loss of top talent. Head over to our HR Knowledge Hive to know more about these employee management myths and how to overcome them.


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