Connect Zoho People and your everyday, favorite apps through Zapier

As HR staff, you spend so much time performing tasks across the array of apps your organization uses. Wouldn’t it be great if you could perform all these app-based tasks right from your HRMS?

We thought so too.

Zapier is a web-based, integrated platform with over 1000 applications that facilitates the smooth flow of data between systems. We’re excited to announce that Zoho People has been added to this platform, so you can retrieve data from any app of Zapier’s network that you use on a daily basis and connect it with Zoho People.

How does the integration work? 

Zapier functions on a trigger-action structure. In other words, say you add a new department in Zoho People and you want to create a new communication channel in Slack for that department. All you have to do is Make a Zap. The new department added in Zoho People would be the trigger, and the new channel created in Slack would be the action. From now on, every time you add a new department, a Slack channel is automatically created. You can build any number of Zaps for your workflows to flow faster, better, and smarter.

There are already a few Zaps flying around. Let’s take a look at them.


A trigger can be used to record the addition of a new project or task in your HRMS. Create a Zap using Asana and Zoho People, and every new project or event created in Asana will be automatically recorded in Zoho People.


Send direct event reminders or birthday wishes to employees by connecting Twilio and Zoho People. By always remembering important dates, you’ll build great rapport with your employees.

Google Drive

Any new file added to your Google Drive will be simultaneously added as an HR file in Zoho People, automatically.

Here are some other Zaps that can help you get started.

Plug in with a plethora of apps seamlessly and run HR processes faster with the Zoho People-Zapier integration. Get started now with a little guidance from our help documentation or write to us at

Give it a spin today and let us know what you think.

Happy connecting! 


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