Approved! Effortless Timesheet Approvals with Zoho People

You’ve never heard an HR manager say, “Timesheets don’t need to be approved.”

For those businesses that need to keep track of employees’ work time on jobs, timesheets are the answer. While timesheets alone can keep track of work flow, a manager’s approval adds credibility and certifies that the work is satisfactory.

Zoho People has a number of useful features that make timesheet approvals easier:

1. Multi-level approvals


With Zoho People, even with a large multi-level hierarchy in your organization, you can easily structure the flow of the approval process by role and designation. The visual representation of the approval hierarchy gives you a quick overview.

2. Automatic schedule for approvals


You can automatically generate timesheets for approvals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Just pick the frequency and the day from the menu and you’re done.

3. Customize approval templates


You can set up email notifications for approvals and fully customize those notifications so that the messages are personalized. Zoho People’s templates have the option of including placeholders which link field values directly to the message.

4. Time log-specific approvals


You can provide approvals for individual employee time logs which don’t need to include the employee’s full timesheet. Once a timesheet is selected, the list of jobs performed will be made available for approval. All the approver has to do is choose the ones to be approved.

5. Payroll report generation


Zoho People can export timesheet reports to any of your payroll providers in the formats they support, thanks to our extensive report customization options.

Bottom line: if you just want software for timesheet approval, you have plenty of choices. But if you also want it to be powerful, easy to use, and affordable, the choice is much simpler. Start clocking in with Zoho People today.


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