HR tech basics: Here are the 5 features you should look for in a learning management system

Employees expect their organization's training opportunities to offer flexibility. That's why it's essential to select a learning management system (LMS) that makes training a breeze. Here are five features that every learner-centric LMS should have:

  1. Learning styles: Your LMS should support different learning styles like instructor-led training, self-paced learning, and blended learning. This provides employees with the flexibility to choose how they want to learn.

  2. E-learning materials: The LMS should allow you to upload a variety of e-learning materials in different formats. Employees should be able to reference these materials from anywhere, at any time.

  3. Assessments and assignments: Your chosen system should help you provide assignments and assessments that gauge learner understanding and progress.

  4. Mobile learning: The LMS should offer a mobile app that enables learners to get trained, take tests, interact with instructors, and submit assignments on the go.

  5. Collaboration: Lastly, your system should provide a space where learners can interact and share ideas with their peers.

Read more about the must-have features in an LMS in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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