HR tech basics: Getting down to the basics of an attendance management system

Employee attendance management is an important everyday task for HR teams. It's essential to remove any bottlenecks to make the process glitch-free and simple for both your employees and your HR team. This is where an attendance management system comes in. Read on to understand the basics of an attendance management system.

What is an attendance management system?

An attendance management system allows employees to mark their attendance online through a cloud-based mobile or web application, and it stores their everyday working hours in a centralized system. HR professionals can access this data at any time for compliance management or payroll processing. Employees can access their individual attendance data too.

What are the key reasons to switch to an attendance management system?

  • You are using physical attendance registers, which your employees have to manually sign every morning and evening.

  • You often find your employees having issues with miscalculated payroll figures, as there are errors in the attendance data.

  • You dread the words "audits" and "compliance," as you struggle to find and organize attendance data.

Read more about the basics of an attendance management system and why every organization should have one in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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