HR tech basics: 5 features to look for in your next performance management system

A performance management system can help your HR team and managers conduct performance reviews in a fair, empathetic, stress-free, and flexible way. This system keeps managers and employees on the same page regarding performance goals and KRAs, and it provides a clear picture of the aspects of employee performance that require improvement. If you are looking to adopt a performance management system for your organization, here are five features it should have:

  1. Customizable settings so you can run performance reviews as per your organizational policies.

  2. Performance modules including goals, KRAs, skill sets, competencies, and feedback to evaluate employee performance.

  3. Self-appraisals to help you understand the employee perspective when it comes to performance.

  4. Multi-rater feedback that provides a holistic view of an employee's performance gathered from different sources.

  5. Performance reports that analyze available data and provide accurate insights into the state of employee performance.

Read more about the different features that make a performance management system comprehensive in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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