5 tips to survive the "Great Resignation of 2021"

With what some are calling the Great Resignation of 2021, more and more employees are quitting their jobs to pursue their passions and join organizations that recognize employees as human beings who have personal lives outside of work. They no longer want to work for companies that make their employees work at the cost of their well-being, and many are deciding to quit or stay based on how they were managed and how their needs were catered to during the pandemic.

How to survive the Great Resignation of 2021

If you are wondering how to retain your top talent during this period, here are five tips that’ll make your employees stick with your organization for longer:

  • Integrate trust and transparency into every layer of your employee management strategies. A culture of mistrust and micromanagement will only drive your employees away from your organization.

  • Strengthen your compensation and benefits packages to ensure they are both comprehensive and competitive. Keep an eye on inflation, and provide promotions and hikes that truly incentivize employee loyalty.

  • Prioritize initiatives and strategies that improve employee well-being, avert burnout, and promote work-life balance. Reassure your employees it’s okay to seek help when they’re feeling overwhelmed.

  • Offer flexible working arrangements that enable employees to take care of their personal lives while still completing their professional responsibilities. Do away with rigid rules and policies.

  • Understand your employees’ needs by collecting feedback, questions, and inquiries often through surveys. Once results are in, take measures to act on them.

It’s never been more important than now to put measures in place that will ensure you retain your talented employees. Introducing people-centric initiatives that support employee needs is the key to holding onto your top talent. Learn more about how to tackle the Great Resignation of 2021 in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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