Pay salaries effortlessly with YES Bank integration in Zoho Payroll

Salary processing can be a cumbersome routine. Bank statements need to be manually compiled, validated, and uploaded to banking portals.


At Zoho Payroll, we work with leading banks in India to reduce this friction and make salary processing simple and efficient with payroll software.

We facilitate direct deposit of salaries by partnering and integrating with banks. To expand this well-loved feature and help more customers, we have now partnered with YES Bank.  

We're happy to introduce YES Bank Direct Deposit in Zoho Payroll. With this integration, organizations can transfer salaries from their corporate YES Bank accounts to employee salary accounts effortlessly.

Paying salaries at the click of a button is now a reality!

Benefits of the YES Bank Direct Deposit integration for your business

Zoho Payroll's banking integrations have two key, impactful benefits for your business:

  • Reduce time and effort spent on salary payout

Any manual task that can be replaced with automation means more time for you to spend on the tasks that require human attention. Direct Deposit eliminates manual data entry and verification for bank statements, saving you time and effort.

  • Cement employee trust with on-time salaries

Salary is an important factor that impacts how an employee feels about working at your company. With automated salary deposit, you can pay employees on time every month with accurate salaries, earning their trust and loyalty in the easiest way possible.

Easy salary payment with YES Bank Direct Deposit 

Set up the YES Bank Direct Deposit integration once in Zoho Payroll and you're good to go. Learn how to setup the YES Bank Direct Deposit integration.

Once the integration is set up, salary payment in Zoho Payroll is this easy:


Salaries are paid out to employee bank accounts in four simple steps and a matter of minutes. You don't even have to switch from the Zoho Payroll tab!


Note: Direct Deposit integration is also available for ICICI Bank.

Make payroll a great experience

Zoho Payroll has every feature to make payroll processing effortless for your business. Leverage the YES Bank integration to simplify salary payments and make paydays peaceful for everyone.

If you haven't tried Zoho Payroll for your business yet, take our 30-day free trial. If you employ fewer than 10 people at your company, you can use Zoho Payroll for free!


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