Zoho Payroll - YES Bank Integration

With this integration you can directly deposit your employees’ salaries into their accounts, using your YES bank corporate account. This integration serves as a simple and an efficient way of paying your employee salaries without any hassle.

In this page, you will find how to:

Set Up the Zoho Payroll - YES Bank Account Integration

Connect your YES Bank corporate account to Zoho Payroll by following these simple steps:

YES Bank Integration

You will be prompted to fill in the necessary details to complete your setup:

Note: The bank will share the password in two halves, via email or SMS. If there are two admins for your corporate account, each admin will receive one half of the password.

YES Bank Details

Your account is now set up to process direct deposit of salaries.


Add Employee’s Bank Account Details

Once you have integrated your YES Bank corporate account, you can start making payments from Zoho Payroll. Before that, ensure that you’ve added all the payment related details to the employee profile. To do this:

Make Payments via Zoho Payroll

Once you have added your employees’ bank account details, you can start crediting salaries to their accounts. Here’s how:

The payment will be initiated only for the employees for whom Direct Deposit has been enabled.

Payment Due

Note: You have only 5 attempts to enter the right PIN. If you fail to enter the right pin within 5 attempts, your account will be blocked and you will need to contact the bank to unblock it.

Payment Initiated

Note: The default payment mode for the payments initiated from Zoho Payroll using the YES Bank integration will be NEFT.

Payment Initiated

The salaries will be deposited directly into your employees’ accounts.

Payment Success

Delete the Integration

If you want to stop making payments via your YES Bank corporate account or change your account details, you can delete the integration.


To delete:

Delete Integration  

The integration will be deleted. You can set up a new YES bank account integration, if required.