What's new in Notebook Web Clipper

Notebook web clipper just got a major revamp. With a brand-new user interface, you can now use the web clipper to add tags and set reminders to your notecards. Notebook's web clipper now also supports multiple screen capture modes, like part of the page, full page, and more. Let's take a look at some of the enhancements we've added.

Improved screen capture

We all know screen capture is one of the basic needs for anyone using a web clipper to take notes in their browser. The new Notebook Web Clipper now offers more ways to take screenshots while you browse. Now you can capture the full screen, part of the visible screen, or the visible area of the page. You can also use the "Focused Area" screen capture, which intelligently focuses on the smaller areas in the visible page.

Organize with tags and reminders

You can now add and associate tags to the notecards you create using the web clipper. Whether it's a Text Card, Photo Card, or Bookmark Card, you can add tags before you save it to Notebook. You can also choose from your existing tags and add tags in the Reader View.

Stay on top of your work by adding reminders to your notecards. All your reminders are synced across your devices so you never miss an important note.

Reader view updates

Reader View now remembers your selection for the next time you choose to clean an article. Notebook's web clipper remembers your font choices and themes. You can also now edit the content in the Reader View before you choose to save it in Notebook, as well as choose the notecard color.

In addition to this, we've added Google Meet to the list of apps supported in Meeting Notes.

We hope these improvements will help improve your productivity when you use Notebook's web clipper to browse articles. Have any questions or feedback?  Leave us a comment here or write to support@zohonotebook.com.


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  1. Im a longtime user of your mobile app and just downloaded your extension for google chrome. When I am am using google meets with my students there is a noteclipper/webclipper icon at the bottom right of my screen. It prevents me from accessing the “present my screen” feature in google meets. I can close this icon out but its so tiny that it takes time to click the X to close out this icon/button. Also, after I close it, a text box appears for a few second before disappearing. Between trying to find and accurately close the icon and waiting for the text box to clear, too much time has gone by in my google meets for my scholars to remain engaged in my lesson. In short, is there a way to permanently disable this icon/button or do I have to give up my extension on chrome in order to be able to access presenter mode in google meets?

    1. Hi Kaity, The icon you see at the bottom of your screen is the 'Meeting Notes' available as a part of the Notebook's web clippers. You can read more about it here." target="_blank" title="https://www.zoho.com/blog/notebook/introducing-meeting-notes-take-notes-during-online-meetings.html">here.">https://www.zoho.com/blog/notebook/introducing-meeting-notes-take-notes-during-online-meetings.html">here. You can reposition the icon by simply dragging and dropping it anywhere on the screen, or you can disable it from the clipper's settings by toggling the 'Meeting Notes' option. If you have any more questions, please reach out to us at support@zohonotebook.com or via DM in our Twitter handle @zohonotebook. Thanks!

  2. Hi guys, The web clipper, with the addition of tags, reminders, and better screenshots, definitely has more functionality than ever. However, in the process of improving the interface, you've apparently eliminated two features on which I have relied and made the overall clipper less usable for my purposes. Eliminated Features: 1) Integration of text and images. When I drag images to a note I am creating, they appear where I have dragged them in the drop-down clipper. But once the note is created, all the images appear at the bottom of the note. This creates a mapping exercise for the reader. Also, if I try to correct this by cutting (ctl-x) and pasting (ctl-v) the image where it should go, the image does not retrain the same properties. A right click of the image will not bring down the same menu as before I moved the image. 2) Copied links retain only the text but not the url. Previously, if I copied a link while writing a note both the text and the url were retained. I regret to say I have had to start using the clipper on an older windows system, so if my problems are unique to that, please let me know. I am, however, using the latest Firefox. Usability Issue: I have found for my use, by far the most usable version of the clipper existed before March of this year. I would simply copy a lengthy section of text and images, choose "Add selected content" from a right click of the mouse, and all of the text, images, and title (which I now always have to input) were placed correctly into a note. All I had to do was select the notebook and add. This usability issue I actually called to your engineers' attention in Defect Report ## 38149671 #, and I had been under the impression from your support team's response that it would be fixed. I admit, I've only been using the new clipper version for a short time, but I thought it important to give my first impressions.

    1. Hi Robby, Thank you for taking the time to write a feedback regarding Notebook's clipper. Regarding the eliminated features, we've identified it as issues and we'll be fixing them in the upcoming updates. With respect to the usability issue, we've checked it and it seems to be working fine. Can you please let us know on which website you've faced the issue. It'll help us drill down on the same. Thanks!

      1. Zoho Notebook editor urgently needs a revamp. It's highly inefficient and lacks many essential features. Looks at the amount of vertical space I get while writing in notebook web app. It's disaster specifically on smaller macbook display. It may that Zoho Notebook developers are developing it only from the perspective of larger size desktops. Another thing I want to ask is if Zoho has any plan to make available templates inside the Zoho Notebook just like the notion app. It will become a killer app then.

        1. Hi Shivam, We're working on a responsive design for our web app. It'll be rolled out soon. We do have plans to introduce templates in Zoho Notebook and we'll keep you posted on the same. If you have any other suggestions/feedback, please reach out to us at support@zohonotebook.com. We're all ears. Thanks!

      2. Thank you for your quick response. It made me feel confident I can continue to count on Zoho products. I cannot figure out what my difficulty is in the usability issue if things are working for you. I cannot find a web page where I highlight text and images (as I did for the Notebook Web Clipper prior to March) and have the images carry forward once I "Add selected content" via a right click of the mouse. Take your own Zoho blog, for example. If I highlight "While hiring, I reach out to my friends. " through " Zoho has been a helping hand in sharing well-qualified leads," making sure to include the image in https://www.zoho.com/blog/partners/spikra.html I get a description of the image ("Radha with her team in Spikra office. Radha discussing about a project with her collegue") in the note where the image ought to be. Do you guys actually see the image in the note when you do the same test? A clarification: Today I noticed formatting in general (bold, font, etc.) does not carry forward to the note when I copy/paste. It's not just link formatting. One final note: Today I also got to use more of the new features of the web clipper. It really is a time saver to do the tags right from the clipper, and the screen saver changes have also helped me capture ideas more quickly. Thank you for these.

        1. Hi Robby, We've released an update for the Firefox clipper today which has most of these issues fixed. Please check it out and let us know if you have any feedback. Thanks!

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