12 apps to help retailers grow holiday season sales

From your store management to inventory shipment and checkout experience, a lot goes into the creation of a prosperous retail business. Read on to discover the top 12 apps you need to manage and grow your retail business.


Get a bird’s eye view of how your Amazon store is functioning in real time. Learn more >

Automate the entire process of order management, from creating sales orders to collecting online payments. Integrate with popular online marketplaces, shipping carriers, and payment gateways, and manage everything from a single platform. Learn more >

Empower your sales team with insights from email marketing so they can make informed decisions and close deals faster. Learn more >

Receive card and PayPal payments from not only typical e-commerce checkouts, but also phone, email, and social messaging apps. Learn more >

Tally those accounts without breaking a sweat with synchronized information between QuickBooks and Zoho CRM. Learn more >


Run your online business seamlessly by tracking and managing your customer contacts and orders from Zoho CRM. Learn more >

Build long-lasting customer relationships with seamless conversations, more easily than ever. Learn more >

Build better customer relationships with insights from surveys. Sync all SurveyMonkey responses to Zoho CRM's Contacts and Leads modules. Learn more >

Save time and effort by calculating shipping rates and tracking shipments, without ever leaving Zoho CRM. Learn more >

Stay in the know on all your shipment activity with real-time tracking updates from Zoho CRM. Learn more >

Periodically sync data between your store website and Zoho CRM so that even a tiny detail isn't lost. Learn more >

Make invoicing easier by creating and updating Xero invoices from the Sales Orders and Invoices modules of Zoho CRM. Learn more >

Work smarter by adding new capabilities to Zoho CRM with business solutions from Zoho Marketplace. Explore Zoho Marketplace >


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