How Zoho CRM became the world's favorite CRM software 


Look up the top ten or top five or the best CRMs in the market. You’ll likely find plenty of articles that recycle many of the same prominent names. There must be some truth to it, otherwise it’s hard for the same set of CRMs to make an appearance in every list. Yet, with the great variety of CRM solutions out there, why are only a select few being considered for praise by list makers?

Who’s to say who is right? 


The customer is always right

Well, maybe not always, but when it comes to finding the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of a CRM, customers are the most authentic source of information. We are talking about entrepreneurs who trust these applications with their livelihoods, salespeople who use them constantly, marketers who need to connect with their audience, and executives who depend on metrics to make crucial decisions.

They’re the end users—the people who spent their hard earned money on a CRM that can run their life’s work on the cloud. They have firsthand experience with every feature and bug, all the benefits and obstacles, and how much impact the system has had on their productivity and revenue since adoption. 

You shouldn’t just settle for a CRM. You should fall in love with it. You’re likely using a variety of different software solutions already, but have you ever stopped to wonder whether you love them? Is it your favorite among all the possible software solutions that currently exist, that you may never have had the chance to try? 

Zoho CRM’s customers answered !

Those who use Zoho CRM love Zoho CRM. But don’t take our word for it—just listen to what our customers have to say! 

This year, PCMag surveyed their readers for their opinions on the CRM software that they use, and the results were astounding. Zoho CRM was the leader in almost every category of the survey, notably customer satisfaction and likelihood to recommend. Zoho CRM’s customers were the most satisfied among their readers and were more likely to recommend us than customers of other vendors. All this feedback was excellent, but perhaps the stand-out result of the survey was this:


You know you’re doing something right when your users are happy to vouch for you, while users of other products won’t. That’s the dream, right? To build world-class products and offer a standout experience that turns customers into fans and promoters. 

It’s also worth noting that Zoho CRM won the Business Choice award as well as the Editors Choice award from PCMag, making us the favorites on both fronts. This isn’t the first time where both users and critics have had a great experience with Zoho CRM—FinancesOnline picked us as the recipient for the Expert’s Choice Award and the Great User Experience Award.


Zoho CRM is rated highly where it counts 

Zoho CRM won the Gartner Peer Insights Customer choice awards for the Best CRM Lead Management Software of 2018 as well as the Best Sales Force Automation Software in April 2019 and October 2019, back to back from our customers. It shouldn’t be news that Zoho CRM is one of the highest rated CRMs in almost all review aggregator websites. Zoho CRM has emerged as one of the leaders in GetApps’s Best CRM Software for 2019 and G2Crowd’s Best Product for Sales.


Why do our customers love Zoho? 

Zoho CRM is a lot of things in the eye of the public: a customer relationship management system, a sales force automation application, a multichannel sales management tool, and more. But to our 150,000+ customers worldwide, we’re more than that.

For Spotahome, Zoho CRM is the software that helped them double in size. For Purolite, Zoho CRM saved them an average of $100,000 annually. For FundsIndia, Zoho CRM helped increase productivity by 500%. For JusCollege, Zoho CRM helped sales increase from $1 Million to $20 Million in two years. Just ask Anand Goyal, Director of Amazon India and Dano Ybarra, VP International of Jive, why they recommend Zoho CRM. Our customers attribute their success as an organization to Zoho CRM, which we attribute to our success as the world’s favorite CRM. 


Zoho, the world’s favorite CRM 

We’re not a flashy company that burns cash in sales and marketing. Our customers don’t pay us to sell more–they pay us to serve them better. Since Zoho is privately owned and bootstrapped, we have the flexibility to invest more in R&D to create world-class products, focus primarily on the needs of our customers, and address each pain point with dedication. Our customers pay us We choose to let our customers be our brand ambassadors, because what’s better than word of mouth?

This strategy has paid off—Zoho CRM has slowly, yet steadily, made it to the position of the world’s favorite CRM thanks to the love and support from our customers. Zoho CRM has been profitable since its inception, and we have come a long way in perfecting our product, customer service, and relations. We have customers who have stuck around with us through thick and thin, and for that, we’re forever grateful. To these customers, who mean the world to us, Zoho CRM remains the world’s favorite CRM. 

Interested in joining the Zoho CRM family? Check us out now! 


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