Sales productivity tips and tools from experts to get more done in less time

Have you ever felt overworked or overwhelmed? That you could have accomplished more, or done a task differently to yield better results? That you have the right tools but something is still missing? We asked industry experts about the productivity hacks and tools they use to get more done in less time. Read on to find out what they have to say.

Tip 1:  Automate everything 

"Every task you need to do more than once, there is a smarter way to do it. Automate everything—so you don’t need to do the same work twice."

Quirijn Kleppe, Head of Product and Growth | Leadinfo


Tip 2: Get deeper actionable insights from your data  

"Gather a lot of information about potential customers who are visiting your site. Flag visitors for your sales team to follow up with if you recognize that they are a returning visitor."

 Martin Spritzer, General Manager | iQuoteXpress


Tip 3: Use power dialer and telephony extensions to manage calls efficiently

  "Call campaigns can be surprisingly efficient with workflow automation. Use Zoho’s workflow rules to create dynamic call lists based on lead status, and power through them. With custom dispositions you can automate voicemails, call logging, and follow up, so you can focus on more live conversations."

Jeff Osness | PhoneBurner


Tip 4:  Stay connected to your customers 

"Knowing exactly how your customers use your product, where they get stuck, and when they need your help has a significant positive impact on your business growth. No customer will recommend you further if they only know how to use 25% of its features and don’t get the full value. Minimize friction points in the user journey, and promote how the product can be used to accomplish customers’ business goals."

Philipp Wolf, Founder | Custify


Tip 5: Use technology to your advantage

"Using the right tools with best practices helps improve employee productivity and the efficiency of the process."

Anand Subbaraj, CEO | Zuper


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