ProTips: 4 ways to improve your customer checkout experience

This is a guest post by Easyship.

E-commerce success today hinges on a quality customer experience, and it has become the key differentiating factor for most e-commerce sites. Brands must optimize their checkout, shipping, and post-purchase experiences to attract and retain increasingly choosy shoppers.

Here are four ways you can create superior e-commerce checkout experiences using Easyship for Zoho Inventory.

ProTip 1: Offer shoppers transparent shipping options  

Offering shoppers a set of price-conscious shipping options helps decrease cart abandonment and drive sales. More importantly, since choices lead to enhanced customer satisfaction, you’re one step closer to becoming your customers’ favorite brand.

Rates at checkout from Easyship let you personalize shipping and delivery for every customer. This feature sets automated and dynamic shipping rules in Zoho Inventory. With shipping rules set, shoppers get automatically personalized rates and options matched to their specific order at checkout.

ProTip 2: Optimize your post-purchase experience to garner sales and loyalty  

Though merchants focus their efforts on sales, customer experience extends beyond checkout. To ensure repeat business, merchants must create a reassuring post-purchase experience.

Zoho Inventory with Easyship makes it easy to optimize the post-purchase experience from checkout to doorstep. You can send automated email notifications to give customers visibility into their order delivery, which puts shoppers at ease. Meanwhile, you can add promotions, referral requests, or user-generated content to emails to further your business goals. Triggered emails are a low-effort, high-return touchpoint that customers appreciate, yet requires little effort on your part.

ProTip 3: Increase efficiency with shipping automation  

Shipping automation helps to bolster the buyer experience and streamline your operations. With Easyship’s comprehensive shipping management software, you can create shortcuts, automate workflows, and save time on manual tasks using the Easyship dashboard in Zoho Inventory. For example, you can set shipping tags to use only couriers who offer trustworthy package tracking and, additionally, all shipments to France automatically use DHL. This ensures that not only is every shipment cost-effective but also optimized.

ProTip 4: Offer international delivery without breaking the bank

Access to affordable courier solutions is typically a major barrier in international purchases. The Easyship integration for Zoho Inventory gives you direct access to top couriers, so you can offer global customers shipping options and allow them to choose what works for them. The extension can automatically calculate shipping rates, adjust rates to include import duties and taxes, and even generate all the customs paperwork needed in just minutes.

Create a high-converting checkout experience with the Easyship integration for Zoho Inventory.

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