Introducing Slack, Office 365, Google Workspace, and 9 new extensions for Zoho Invoice

Earlier this year in July 2021, we introduced Zoho Invoice: a powerful invoicing software and one of our earliest products to be 100% free for all small and medium-sized businesses. It was our small gesture to give back to the SME community which has helped us grow. Making our app 100% free doesn't change what we stand for, either; Zoho Invoice does not have any hidden fees, ads, or contracts.

We are now extending our promise to make your life, even more, easier with 12 new, absolutely free extensions that you can connect with Zoho Invoice without writing a single line of code. Do more with Zoho Invoice by setting up triggers and workflows, auto-syncing data between different platforms, and more.

1.     Slack     

Post notifications on your preferred Slack channel for events that affect your estimates, invoices, payments, and customer activities in the client portal. This saves time for your entire team by making all of this information available in one place.

2.     Office 365     

Enable quick and easy importing for contacts and employees from Office 365 into Zoho Invoice. Invite users from your Office 365 account, view email conversations from Outlook in Zoho Invoice, and more.

3.     Google Workspace     

Link email conversations directly to transactions, such as estimates and invoices, so you can easily refer to them at any time. Import users and contacts from Google Workspace in Zoho Invoice, attach files to transactions directly from Google Drive, and more.

4.      Zoho Expense     

Integrate Zoho Invoice with Zoho Expense to manage your invoicing and expense management together. Avoid double-entering expenses and reimbursements and offer more insight into your organization's spending by categorizing expenses based on expense type, customer, or project.

5.      Zoho Analytics     

Create highly customizable reports and dashboards to visualize and track key metrics from your Zoho Invoice data. Get access to Zoho's fully featured business intelligence (BI) and reporting tool and let it interpret and package your Zoho Invoice data to create any report or dashboard you need.

6.      Zoho Cliq     

Post notifications on your preferred Cliq channel for key events relating to your estimates, invoices, and payments. This way, your entire team can stay up to speed without having to log in to Zoho Invoice each time.

7.      Zoho Desk     

Create, view, and manage the status of invoices and estimates from inside Zoho Desk tickets, contacts, and accounts. Get contextual invoicing information like unused credits, outstanding receivables, and billing addresses for contacts and accounts in Zoho Desk.

8.      Zoho CRM     

Sync customer data from Zoho Invoice and provide all the necessary information to the sales team—including customer contact details and transaction history—in one place. Create estimates and invoices for your customers directly from Zoho CRM without having to switch between apps.

9.      Zoho Projects     

Make it easier for your project managers and finance assistants to generate estimates for their clients at the start of the project and also invoice their expenses. Sync project and timesheet information from Zoho Projects and use it to send professional invoices with Zoho Invoice.

10.      Zoho People     

Sync employee and contact details from Zoho People to Zoho Invoice. View the projects and tasks recorded in Zoho People, right from Zoho Invoice. Track your employees' work time accurately and bill your clients based on the number of work hours.

11.     Zoho SalesIQ     

Connect Zoho Invoice with Zoho SalesIQ to improve your customer relationships by providing around-the-clock assistance to your customers through a live chat option in your Client Portal. Create template messages or set up a bot to handle frequently asked questions and reduce your support resolution time.

12.      Zoho Mail     

See all of your email conversations from Zoho Mail in Zoho Invoice. Attach documents from emails directly to estimates or invoices in Zoho Invoice without having to download, re-upload, and attach them again.

Can’t find an extension you need? Tell us in the comments section below so we can work on integrating them with Zoho Invoice!


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