App Spotlight: Xero bidirectional integration for Zoho CRM

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Xero bidirectional integration for Zoho CRM 

Xero bidirectional integration for Zoho CRM integrates accounting software with CRM to automate the data sync process and save time and energy spent on manual data transfer.

Get Xero bidirectional integration for Zoho CRM

Business needs 

Maintaining standard financial records in a business is a challenging task. The manual entry of invoices, payroll, etc., increases the risk of human error. Even a small mismatch can cause an adverse reflection on your business revenue. Moreover, it takes valuable, productive time to enter the same financial records on two different applications.


By integrating Xero with Zoho, you can maintain error-free financial records and cut down on hours spent on dual data entry. 

  • Set up an account sync in a uni- or bi-direction.

  • Avoid syncing duplicate records, because the extension matches each CRM record to a record in Xero with a unique ID.

  • Receive a notification if the records fail to sync after three attempts.

  • Automatically push the invoice status (payments) back to Zoho CRM from Xero.

  • Enable the CRON schedule for any modules to sync records from Xero to Zoho every 10 minutes.


  • Invest your time concentrating on organizational goals rather than on mundane, repetitive, data-entry tasks.

  • Improve the data management between the lead and your staff.

  • Get fast invoicing and reconciliation across devices through the API.

Get Xero bidirectional integration for Zoho CRM

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