App Spotlight: Driving Licence Validation for Zoho CRM

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Driving Licence Validation for Zoho CRM

Driving Licence Validation for Zoho CRM is an extension that authenticates driving licences and helps to eliminate fraudulent identities. It allows for automatic or manual validation of identities and retrieval of driving licences from leads and contacts in Zoho CRM.

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Business needs

The Driving Licence Validation for Zoho CRM extension addresses several critical business needs:

  • Ensuring the legitimacy of leads and contacts through driving licence authentication.

  • Maintaining accurate customer data by validating identities.

  • Protecting business credibility and managing risk by eliminating fraudulent identities.

  • Improving efficiency in lead management through automation.


Integration of Driving Licence Validation with Zoho CRM enables you to:

  • Authenticate driving licences, ensuring the legitimacy of your leads and contacts within the CRM.

  • Automatically detect and eliminate fraudulent identities, safeguarding your business credibility and managing risk.

  • Choose between automatic or manual validation, providing flexibility to suit your business needs.

  • Handle high-volume validation, supporting up to 1,000 driving licence checks per month.


  • Reduce fraud: With the ability to authenticate driving licences, businesses can reduce the risk of fraudulent identities, protecting their credibility and avoiding risk exposure.

  • Improve accuracy: By verifying and retrieving driving licences from leads and contacts, businesses can ensure that their customer data is accurate, improving the overall quality of their data.

  • Streamline processes: The automatic validation feature can help streamline processes, saving time and effort for businesses that need to validate a large number of driving licences.

  • Increase productivity: By eliminating manual verification, businesses can increase their productivity and focus on more important tasks.

Get Driving Licence Validation for Zoho CRM


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